Tuesday, 12 June 2018

40mm Round Bases released at The Ion Age

A neat little release from us this time which brings you another size of round base for use in any game system or indeed in the excellent Patrol Angis.  You can see our Wargame Accessories on the website which includes all our bases and troop element trays and dice.  Read on for details.

IAF161 40mm Round Bases
This pack contains ten identical Resin Bases of 40mm Diameter and a 3mm Thickness. These bases join our 20mm and 30mm rounds and are ideal for use with 15mm scale miniatures and are used for mecha such as the Afara Strider in Patrol Angis.  They are the ones used in the pictures of our miniatures on the website.  These go alongside our range of IAF077 Troop Element Bases but are meant for single model use in the game system. You can choose one pack or by clicking on the product box use the drop down menu to select 'Buy Three Packs and Save 10%' option. Go HERE.  4.00GBP

The Afara is a light mecha cast entirely in high quality grey tone resin and supplied in kit form. These kits are easy to assemble from eight or nine pieces with a high degree of posing due to the sockets into which feet, legs and arms fit. Once assembled the Afara stands approx 55mm in height or about three times our typical human sized miniature. There are three variants under the code IAF128 each with its own battlefield role from troop support to anti-armour and close combat.  It is stood upon a 40mm base such as those in the new IAF161 pack.  Go HERE.

Later this week we will be publishing a new article called Playing the Craniad in Patrol Angis written by Aris Kolehmainen all about combative space brains!  Our other two releases for the month will happen as part of 'Midsummer Madness' which we are running alongside our bigger brother Alternative Armies giving you a code for 10% off the entire website for one week.  As well as this will be two NEW 15mm vehicles the Grey Adder troop carrier in a wheeled and a lifter configuration!  Mobility for your Muster!  The height of the summer means a cracking week from us so keep an eye out.

Thank you as always for your support.


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