Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Malig Madness...loads of 15mm Space Goblins premier at Salute 2014

Malig Madness is here!  15mm Space Goblins are being added to The Ion Age in force!

Not long now!  Have a look at the image above and see what we will be revealing at the Salute 2014 show this Saturday.  Come along to Alternative Armies stand TF07 and look for the eighteen foot tall Ion Age banner.  Here are the revealed codes:

IAF046 Infernus Tank (1 Vehicle Kit) 7.50GBP
IAF047 Malig 1st Tesseran (8) (Juno Rifle) 4.00GBP 
IAF048 Malig 2nd Tesseran (8) (Support Weapons) 4.00GBP 
IAF049 Malig 3rd Tesseran (8) (Hydra and Grenades) 4.00GBP 
IAF050 Malig 4th Tesseran (8) (Command) 4.00GBP 
IAFP01 Malig Ordos (Platoon) (32+1 Unique) 16.00GBP

All of the codes will premier at Salute and then be placed on our website as normal the next week.  As normal there will be full blog posts with lots of information and images at that time.  But to give you a bit more information just now.  We have four new packs of Maligs in 15mm scale which is a total of thirty two different poses.  These four packs can be bought as an Ordos (Platoon) and when bought like this the unique miniature to the IAFP01 code is included automatically.  This miniature is a female Malig called 'Senga' armed with a frying pan and mpi.

Lastly the crazy Goblin fun of the Infernus Ball Tank just makes me smile and its pretty damn special too.  Here's a picture of the parts for a wee closer look.

We were asked to expand the Maligs by IonFans and we have...big style! I look forward to seeing you all at Salute, first come first served stock will be limited to about fifty packs of each but we will bring as much as we can.



  1. Look superb. Definitely will be straight over once I've handed in my early bird ticket for one of these deals. Love the Infernus tank. Absolutely stonkingly good :-)

    1. Thanks. I look forward to meeting you. Yes, if you take one each of the IAF047-50 packs then thats an Ordos and you get Senga free with it on the day. Plus if you are one of the first 200 customers you get the Muster Girl too! GBS