Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Firefight 2.0 back in stock at The Ion Age

Just a quick post to let you all know the Firefight 2.0 the Ion Age game of 28mm intense urban combat is back in stock.  We ran out just before the Salute show and I took the final few copies to the show on the day.  Apologies to those who tried to order it before the end of the promo period and so to make up I have placed an offer upon it.  Ten percent off the book with tiles and the same off the boxed set with the miniatures and dice included.  Excellent!

You can find the Firefight rules on the website.

While our focus is primarily on the 15mm Ion Age range just now we do have two hundred 28mm miniatures, the original range, with some new ones on the website.  This is a great chance to get in on a unique combat game which still holds my attention twenty years after I first found out about it....yes that long.

Thanks for Reading.



  1. I have the original Firefight rules...I may need to pick up a set of the new just to see the difference.

    BTW i have finally completed a squad of muster troops in my non-traditional camo color scheme. you can see them here:

    Wonderful figures!

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed looking at your camo scheme and left a comment too. The difference is an expansion and tuning of the mechanics but its the same core engine. We removed the cards and focused it on the Prydian Civil War but the Khanate is still out there 1000 years after the Ban of Prejudice. GBS