Thursday, 17 April 2014

IAF046 Infernus Malig Tank released!

IAF046 with Malig for Scale (not included)
 This is a unique vehicle in 15mm scale which while based on a historical military and science fiction design from the real world is very much in the space opera and classic fun style of wargaming the Ion Age wants to achieve. Space Goblins are trouble, vicious, verminous and expendable...the Infernus a ball of fire and death makes them awesome on your gaming table.
There are many vehicles in the typical Shia Khan Legion but few are as terrifying and unpredictable as the Malig operated Infenus Tank or Assault Roller known as the 'ball tank'. Crudely built but capable of taking quite a beating the tank crushes and barrels its way around a battlefield. Its two hull halves spinning while the centre remains stationary. A metal ball armed with twin heavy Charon Fire Projectors and two anti-personnel Maia Mpi's it is a death dealing sphere gouting flame and bullets. Often deployed in support of Malig Tesserans and whole Malig Ordos it is a good foe for Prydian light vehicles and Battlesuits such as the Adder and the Havelock. That is of course assuming it does not roll over and crush its own troops! Infernus are allocated singly or in Tesserans of three vehicles. Maligs are loathed by Humans but the Infernus shows they either have a sense of humour of they are actual rather mad!

IAF046 Infernus Malig Tank
This pack contains the following parts which can be seen in the mono image on the page: A left hull, a right hull, a centre hull, a unique base with imprint to hold the vehicle (50mm wide), a left Charon weapon, a right Charon weapon, two Maia Mpi plug in weapons, a hatch and the upper body of a Malig driver with viewer (allowing the choice of closed hull or driver emerged builds). 

Mono Image showing parts and dimensions
You have the option of purchasing a pack or three packs with a saving applied on screen of 10%. You can also purchase the driver from this code if you wish to use this Malig for other roles. Go HERE. Price 8.00GBP.

Information Burst!
Malig Madness was a success at Salute 2014 for us and we came back sold out of IAF046 Infernus Tanks, IAF047-IAF050 Malig Infantry packs and virtually no IAFP01 special miniature 'Malig Senga' either. Now its time for all these excellent codes to be released on to our website and to our trade partners too. Malig Madness has come to you all. While we have several releases today the information for each can be found by searching the codes but remember if you purchase IAFP01 Malig Ordos (Platoon) our first platoon pack you get a unique miniature with it that is only in that pack. The current free miniature in all orders automatically is IMP08 Muster Girl (we gave out 200 of her with purchase at Salute!) which will be in every package until 1st May 2014 when its removed and replaced by the next free miniature. Find her HERE  If you would like to see the IMP miniatures available for sale then contact us as interest is growing in this and we will act if enough wargamers ask for it. By placing an order with us you will sign up for an account with the website and that means you get Reward Points in all purchases (plus a free miniature and you can use the current salute code). These points can be used any time to get free products and discounts on orders.

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  1. For those interested, I'll be painting up a small number of stands of Prydian Muster Infantry as part of my blog's weekly challenge (as this week's topic is 15mm). The link is:
    Thanks for looking :-)

    1. Good luck in the challenge, you are off to a good start. GBS