Friday, 1 June 2018

The Midsummer month at The Ion Age this June 2018

To the highs of the summer welcome!  The sixth month of 2018 sees The Ion Age bringing you more space opera gaming awesome.  We have a new month long offer.  We have new releases coming and we have free articles as well as a fantastic event too.  A lot going on which we will bring to you as we go.  Before that lets see what our month long offer is....the very ground trembles...20% off the mighty Tohlic Armoured Crawler our largest 15mm scale vehicle kit.  Go HERE or read on for more.

IAF146 Tohlic Armoured Crawler
This code contains all the parts required to assemble one large 15mm scale long distance armoured personnel carrier.  Used for deep recon it can carry an entire platoon of troops or three battlesuits or combinations thereof operating for weeks away from base.  Favoured by Planetary Defence forces but also used by Muster and Retained on suitably frozen worlds the Tohlic is composed of nine parts cast in high quality grey tone resin and white metal.  

The parts are the forward hull, the rear hull, the left track unit, the right track unit, exhaust mount 1, exhaust mount 2, Turret 1 (Anda Missile Pod) and Turret 2 (Moth Rotary Cannon). Supplied with two different turrets to use and since they use the standard turret ring they will also fit onto other Ion Age vehicles and structures.  This kit is easy to assemble and durable for use on table.  When assembled the Tohlic is approx 105mm long and 40mm tall.  Go HERE.

Using the Tohlic in Patrol Angis.
Get a free five page download for using the Tohlic in your games of Patrol Angis.  Click HERE to download from our website storage.  Go HERE for the game system.

I want to thank everyone who sent us nice words, comments and messages about the new IAF080 Superblue tank killer Adder from last month.

Three New Releases and an Event in June 2018
Here are the details in brief of what else will be happening this month so you can ready yourself and if you wish to take advantage of the coming Midsummer Madness as well.  Remember you get Reward Points on every order you place with us added to your account on the website (you must have an account on the website setting it up first time you use it..which includes a welcome gift of 100 Points!) and these can be used to gain discounts and free items on any future order at any time.  Millions of points earned and spent with us so far!

During the week of the 11th June we will be releasing a new pack of bases which adds to our Wargame Accessories collection of bases and movement trays.  We will also be publishing a new article called Playing the Craniad in Patrol Angis written by Aris Kolehmainen..get some floating brains on the table.  Our other two releases for the month will happen as part of 'Midsummer Madness' which we are running alongside our bigger brother Alternative Armies giving you a code for 10% off the entire website for one week.  As well as this will be two NEW 15mm vehicles the Grey Adder troop carrier in a wheeled and a lifter configuration!  Mobility for your Muster!  The height of the summer means a cracking week from us!

A Patrol Angis force by Larry Boester.  Article on our BLOG
Thank you as always for your support with our little space opera brand.  


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