Sunday 1 April 2018

Base In the Place and April 2018 at The Ion Age

Happy Easter from the wee team at The Ion Age and welcome to April 2018!  The March to War event is under way until 16th April with free worldwide shipping and free miniatures in every order; read about it HERE.  That aside we had brand new Mullo Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Armoured Personnel Carriers HERE and we thank you all for your support with these.  We have three new packs this month which will get a full release article with images and also a Patrol Angis game stats article too.  Lastly we have a new month long special offer with 25% off the core base pack code for 15mm miniatures the fantastic 20mm round.  Go HERE or read on for more details.

On offer all this month ending 1st May is our IAF078 20mm Round Base pack which is the code we use in all of our images and play of 15mm Ion Age infantry miniatures such as Retained Knights and Khanate Legionaries.  There are 40 resin bases in each pack and they are 25% off.  Go HERE.

We base up all of our miniatures as singles using 20mm and 30mm round bases (the 30mm round are for Battlesuits, Bikes and Portable Weapons) for skirmish games of Patrol Angis where there is one platoon a side for an hour or less of play.  When it comes to bigger scenarios with many platoons a side and also bigger vehicles we make use of Troop Element Trays which allow the placing of two, three, four, five, eight, ten infantry into one easy to move tray.  There are also trays for three bigger infantry size vehicles and for a Portable Weapon with two gunners.  They are excellent value and have 20mm or 30mm slots in them.  See them HERE.

Get into our skirmish tabletop game called Patrol Angis with the excellent value game pack which not only gives you the core rulebook but also two entire lances of troops and bases for them too as well as a unique Knight Errant miniature which is only in this game pack.  The total value of the game pack is 48.60GBP and it is priced at 40.00GBP.  On top of this the book contains three scenarios using the included Retained Knights, Duxis Battlesuits and Espaten Portable Weapon with gunners.  The miniatures included are themed as a 'jump off' point for your further adventures in the Prydian Precinct and while the two sides are Prydian Army and League of Yordan you can easily combine them into one two size force for either army OR another Marcher Baron of your choice.  Even as a Condot such as the famous Quarrel Company led by Diodine Sparrow.  You choose.  Go HERE for the game book plus the books and the books as digital downloads.

Three New Releases
During the March to War event we have three new releases they are character packs and a personality pack to expand your 15mm Retained Knights for Patrol Angis or any other space opera setting. We will be giving full information, resources and images for each of these as normal in a new release article as we always do BUT during this period you can order any of them RIGHT NOW if you wish saving 10% on each of them.  This 10% applies to all variants including multiples, singles etc and will be in place on each of them until the release notice is published on Thursday 5th April. Go HERE.

IAF156 Marcher Barons of Prydia 
This pack contains three different 15mm high ranking nobles of the Precinct ideal to command your forces in war all wearing elaborate Alwite powered armour and carrying a mix of energy melee weapons and Carnwennan Pistol.  Character nobles!

IAF157 Nobles of Prydia
This pack contains three different 15mm nobles of the Precinct ideal to command your lances all wearing elaborate Alwite powered armour and carrying a mix of energy melee weapons and Carnwennan Pistol.  Character knights!

IAF158 Diodine Sparrow of the Quarrel Company
This pack contains three personalties taken from the Prydian Precincts premier Condot organisation The Quarrel Company.  Wearing Alwite powered armour they are Diodine Sparrow bare headed with Roaz Axe, Quinus Bria the bodyguard of Diodine Sparrow with plumed helm and Hermit 44mm Plasma Rifle and lastly Loren Vasilia  lady commander of the first regiment of the Quarrel Company with data slab and Carnwennan Pistol.  There will be a free PDF article with background and Patrol Angis statistics on 12th April for these.

Thank you as always for your support with our little space opera brand.  We work hard and we make quality miniatures to continue to expand this sci-fi universe that you all so enjoy.


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