Friday 27 April 2018

Name of the Roaz a free Patrol Angis scenario to download

As foretold earlier this month with the release of the brand new 15mm scale character packs of Retained Knights it is our delight to present to you a free stand alone scenario for Patrol Angis called 'Name of the Roaz' which takes place just a little into the future of the Prydian Civil War as outlined in the books. It stars Diodine Sparrow in an infantry focused three way scenario which can also be played solo.  Will the Quarrel Company manage to escape with an ancient data slate? 

Click on the link below to download it from our website hosting and to read some more about it plus some pictures taken of our own testing of the scenario.  After that link through to all the other free materials we have for the game for you to download.  Enjoy!

Name of the Roaz – Click HERE to download the scenario as a four page PDF. 

This free full Patrol Angis scenario sees the Quarrel Company travel to Mallum IV on the request of the reclusive Baron Abbo for a mysterious task only to be dropped into the midst of a new planetary war between the League of Yordan and invading League of Canlaster forces. Abbo is dead but it turns out there is a data slate of incredible value which the small Quarrel Company detachment must sneak out of the Baron's underground hab complex..but will they escape before the Leagues bring the place down around Diodine's head?  Find out now.  In order to play you will need a copy of Patrol Angis and Callsign Taranis you can get these in print or as digital download HERE

You can learn more about all of our releases for this month by going to this article HERE on our blog or direct to our website HERE with nine new 15mm miniatures to lead your lances and an offer of 25% off our popular infantry base packs the 20mm round which ends on 1st May.

Here are the pictures taken from our play testing of this new scenario for you to enjoy. Click on them on the blog post here to make them larger.

There are other free files for you to download from us for Patrol Angis.

Go to this new PAGE on our website for the list of what we have. Thanks for Reading and more awesome coming in May 2018!


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