Thursday, 18 February 2016

Christian Cuello's Comic take on The Ion Age

A great little series of pictures by IonFans from the other side of the world.  Christian Cuello (whom some of you might know from his love of Flintloque) has recently gotten into The Ion Age with his good lady by his side.  After picking up Patrol Angis along with a Retained Lance and Havelock Battlesuit and some other packs too he put together some excellent 'comic style' photos of the test game.  Here they are in narrative order.  Click on each to make it larger.

The Star Maidens in purple and white face off against their foes.  Personally I hope for more reports from Christian as his Flintloque scenarios and modelling have been a big hit with wargamers and he really likes the tales and the style of The Ion Age.

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