Tuesday, 16 February 2016

My Little Lead Men blog makes Maintenance Droids using Taranis Runners

Mark Evans runs a great wargaming blog called 'My Little Lead Men' which you can visit HERE.  I was very taken with an article he put up last month all about an addition to his 'sand port' project in 15 scale.  His port needed some droids to help out with maintaining the place and since sentient workers are always demanding sleep, food and weird things called 'rights' he turned to us for some robot aid.  As part of our project Taranis with industry legend Bob Naismith (which will see an expansion in March 2016) we have not only twenty four different super heavy main battle tanks but also two packs of Drones which you can see HERE.  Mark decided the runner drones took his fancy.... Read on for his own words.  Thanks.  GBS

Maintenance Droids for the Sand Port

Just finished painting a set of IAF081 Taranis Runner Drones from theionage.com.  Great models that come in two halves to allow an good variation of poses - easy to put together and a joy to paint.

I know they're sold as combat drones but I intend to use them as repair and maintenance drones in my star port. I think the weapons will pass as welders/scanners/inspection lamps etc. and the two with claws will make excellent baggage handlers.  I bought an extra 'claw' drone as the pack only contains the one and will probably get a few more that I can convert to carrying boxes etc.?  Mark.

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