Thursday, 15 October 2015

Mighty Tracked Taranis Tanks offers end 22nd October

“With the completion of one of the most titanic in scale armourers works ever seen in the Prydian Precinct the complex plans for the lethal weapon of war that would become the Taranis Main Battle Tank were set into motion. The Targa Works would go on to produce such vehicles as the Adder Combat Car and Lifter series and the medium weight Mullo Armoured Fighting Vehicle but these were side and later projects compared to Taranis. Named after an ancient old earth deity a god of war from the isles of mist and rain the Taranis was created to be the mailed fist that would allow the regiments of the Barons and the Throne to continue to expand into space and systems lost during the thousand year old Aldan Crucible detonation. In 4294IC documents retrieved by Starvaulters during an investigation of the ruins of Newbury IV were decoded and artificed. It had taken a decade since their retrieval to decode the records which dated from the time of the great Resource Wars of twenty first century earth. The designs they contained were for a war machine that was the ultimate evolution of a century of tank warfare. Dutifully recorded they were sent out with the Ark Ships into the void. A monster of death this tank was doom incarnate and once updated with the technology Prydia now possessed they were further modified to be able to function in environments far more varied than one planet could have offered. Taranis would be a weapon capable of winning any war against men or the feared Khanate.” 
Academy Auto-Trainer Series 52, New Glastonbury, 4335IC 

IAF100D Siege Tank same footprint as four Adder Combat Cars!
The IAF100 Taranis Tracked Main Battle Tank offers end on 22nd October 2015. 15mm Scale. We have three great early supporter offers that give you a saving off release price (5%, 10%, 15%) plus free packs of five Running Tank Drones as well as the monthly free miniature and Reward Points on your account with us.  Excellent offers! For full details of the Early Supporters go HERE for the page on our website and from there links to lots more information and pictures.

IAF100D Seige Tank sizes up to a Hab Dome and Block House
This is a short reminder that the offers will be ending in less than a week and also to show you a few new images of the IAF100. It really is a mighty beast of a tank that when assembled each of the five variants is 90mm long and 60mm wide. In 15mm science fiction terms that is a big footprint and far larger than our Adder Combat Cars, Mullo Armoured Fighting Vehicle and in fact much bigger than our Hab Domes and matches up with the imposing Command Dome. Designed by Bob Naismith it is meant to be the king of the battlefield and meant to be as imposing as possible and in this it succeeds greatly. 

Three Duxis Battlesuits and Ten Retained Knights next to IAF100D
Thank you to all those who have placed their orders in the ESO's thus far, your tanks are all packed up and ready to ship worldwide once the promotion ends. There is still time to get in on the action and the IAF100 variants and the IAF081 Running Taranis Drones codes will all be releases shortly after the 23rd October and then news of what is next for The Ion Age! 

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  1. Hey Gavin, I'll looking forward to the arrival of mine, they look monstrous! When is codename Taranis due out?, so when can use the excellent vehicles you produce on the battlefield.

    1. Thanks for your comment Mark. It is a big beast indeed. Callsign Taranis is in late stage playtesting now in fact this weekend. We have just to test the point on the bigger vehicles and the mechanics will be complete. Updates will begin to appear on the blog once nearer the time. It will be another book, it will be the same page count and format and it will expand not only the Patrol Angis game but also the universe of The Ion Age.