Thursday, 15 October 2015

Happy Burger Bar by Mark Burgess

Mark is a long term IonFan in fact he has been with us since almost the very start some two and a bit years ago. Among his orders he has had many of the Monthly Free Miniatures which are given away for free in every package. Though he adores them all (I am sure!) some of his favourites are the two Happy Burger robots which featured as IMP19 Happy Burger Bot and IMP23 Happy Burger Vending Bot  (both of which can now be purchase as singles in the Year Two Collection). These tongue in cheek sculpts are pure 15mm fun and now Mark has stepped the fun up an order of magnitude and opened the first branch of the chain that covers the whole Prydian Precinct...a Happy Burger Bar! 

You can visit his blog post directly HERE

Its a lovely looking scratch built piece in 15mm scale that also incorporates some nice touches like a drive through (currently attending a Laserburn hover van) and 'neon' swirly wire signs as well as a planet topping the bar with land masses that are not at all like those of Earth. 

We have have more plans for another Happy Burger sculpt for free in the future..what will it be...we will see. 

Well done Mark! 

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