Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mistress Shani burns for The Ion Age

Sometimes art takes many forms and today I got to see an example of Pyrography which is, to us lay folk, the art of burning images into wood.  An ancient and worthy form of art in my opinion.  Now to the matter in hand hot as it is!

Shani wife of Mark and a fan of The Ion Age made her loving husband a unique present of a dice box as seen in the image above.  It was fashioned to match the cover of the coming Patrol Angis rulebook which you can see below.  I think Shani did an excellent job of it.  You can see the original post HERE.

This is now the third vision of the book cover as there is also the promotional miniature of this scene which can be had free with points from purchases online with us.  Its HERE and you can see it below.

I think the Mark's dice will now be blessed by the Princess Cyon to bring him luck in all science fiction battles to come in miniature form.  Lovely stuff and my pleasure to show you all it here.

Thanks for Reading.


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