Monday, 18 August 2014

'Get your Ass to Mars' Sam Croes paints up the SEORC Geo-Shelters

Setting up your lab on Mars!
The Ion Age lead designer Sam Croes has painted up a second set of the brand new SEORC Geo Shelters to go along with the ones shown on our website.  While we normally go with an assumption that every planet in the Prydian Precinct is rather earth like and has clouds, green grass and sunlight like our own world that is not always the case.  We are working on a 'Red Planet' terrain board which will feature in future posts here but we could not resist putting together some terrain to put on the board and that terrain was the Geo Shelters.

A fairly straight forward paint scheme using the natural surface of the Geo Shelters to aid in the painting. After cleaning off the resin castings (all one piece except for the IAF064D Defender with the turret) they were undercoated with a spray grey primer and allowed to dry.  We used only our own Pebeo Studio Acrylics for the work.  A base coat of Cadmium Orange followed by choosing which of the flat panels and hatch details where going to be painted white.  These areas were left as they were while the orange of the rest of the structure was built up with a second application.  Titanium White was carefully applied to the selected for white areas.  All of the parts of the structures which were to be industrial metal were given a coat of Paines Grey and the port holes were put in with a light blue.  With the basic coats done the weathering followed with a wash of Raw Sienna Ink before highlights were placed onto the glass and lights.  Once dry Sam Croes applied some transfers from our collection to make each Geo Shelter distinctive.  All in all there were a couple of hours work involved and it would be easy to do more structures at the same time.    

Here are pictures of the five different structures on the chilly and vacuous surface of our 'Mars' though this planet is still to have a name for us: 

IAF063A Habitation Geo Shelter in Martian Red
IAF064B Storage Geo Shelter in Martian Red
IAF064C Laboratory Geo Shelter in Martian Red
IAF064D Defender Geo Shelter in Martian Red
IAF064E Smashed Geo Shelter in Martian Red
Here are front and back pictures of the set of five red planet colour schemes on a plain backdrop at a larger size for you to look at in detail: 

Front View of IAF064 codes in Martian Red
Rear View
We hope that you have enjoyed these pictures and remember you can see the standard colour scheme on the links below.

There are only a few days left on the current Early Supporter Offers on The Ion Age.  The SEORC Geo Shelters will be on general release from Thursday 21st August 2014.  Until then go HERE to see the offers and if you want more details then go HERE for our blog post on these structures.  You can save 10% to 25% and get one free depending on what you choose.  As its our birthday month you will also get IMP12 Starvaulter Instructor (worth 0.60GBP) free in every order and freebies too selected by us to about ten percent of your order value before postage.

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