Sunday 1 December 2013

Santa Desteria - IMP04 Free Miniature for December 2013

Its Santa Desteria!

Jingle the Bells and get some Armour Piercing Shells its the month of festive fun at The Ion Age.  December sees a new FREE MINIATURE for the whole of the month.  Santa Desteria is the big guy with the sack of goodies in the image above and you get him free cast in high quality white metal in ANY order placed with us.

That's right.  Until the 1st January you will get one IMP04 miniature free in every order placed on The Ion Age website.  From one miniature to a pack of miniatures, to a Havelock or Hab Dome or a pack of SupaBases or dice and so on; one IMP04 will be placed automatically in your package. There is no limit per customer on the number of orders and every order earns you points on your account. Build up points and get discounts and other freebies!  A win for everyone.

In fact even if you are not keen on our 15mm Miniatures you could try the 28mm Ion Age or our rulebooks or just get some accessories for your collection.  Once the month is up this miniature will vanish forever!

After customer requests you can also buy this miniature like a normal product in your cart.  You can find it in the Latest Releases list on the front page of The Ion Age website.  You would also get another free with an order contining the miniature!

IMP04  A big festive fellow at 23mm tall
Following on from The Knight of the Dead this is another themed miniature from The Ion Age.  Its the largest free miniature yet at 23mm tall and wearing Noblesse powered armour.  This miniature is just pure fun in the style of long ago wargaming, we did this for giggles and not much else! Above you can see a series of images composite that I made up for this blog post on top of the official slide at the top of this post and on The Ion Age website.  I increased the light levels a bit more and took pictures from the rear and the side and a scale image with a Khanate Legionary.

Santa Desteria comes from the mind of Sam Croes and captures this Desteria Knight Commander (as he surely must be) in mid stride with a large sack of presents over his shoulder and a furred cap on his head.  Ready to spread tidings of joy with his Impact Fist.  Would you paint yours up for festive fun or in other colours for a special character?
In any event the one in the pictures is now in the glass case of destiny in our office where it joins the ever growing line of Ion Age miniatures.

Lastly there is now a page on the Ion Age Website that showcases present and former free monthly miniatures. Have a look. 


May 2019 and The Ion Age has been taken back into Alternative Armies.  It continues with new releases into the future!  Go to Alternative Armies for Ion Age pages of the 15mm Range the 15mm Terrain Range the 28mm Range the Publications range and the Free Downloads collection too for the latest.  All links to the ion age site are now defunct sorry!  If you wish to see something or ask a question email me on  GBS


  1. Ha ha, Santa Desteria. Brilliant model. I think another order is on the cards.

    1. Thanks! Sam is very pleased with it.

      We have a big, big pile of them all waiting for those lucky souls who want them.