Thursday, 12 December 2013

IAFL03 Retained Pistoleers released!

Kitt Malory felt the rubbacrete bounce against his back as rounds impacted against it. He breathed in deeply ignoring the dust and smoke, poised himself and then ran full tilt for the next rubbacrete pillar. Bullets whined and sparked after him but he was fast, very fast and he made it to the next pillar and slammed his back into it before the stitching rounds followed him beat into its worn surface. Though he knew both his custom fitted Angis 12.5mm AP Pistols were loaded and ready he spared a moment and checked once more. His life depended on it. Some thought those knights who chose the path of the pistoleer were mad. Not as mad as Knight Errants who would forgo all but the sword but still against several squads of rebel Muster he was quite a disadvantage in terms of fire power. Those who were not of the Code Gallant however did not understand that in taking up the path of Errant or Pistoleers the intense training that went with the path made such knights masters of their chosen arms. Also that unlike the Knight Errant, pistoleers worked in pairs.

Across the pillared room, once part of a prosperous guild frabricatory, the Yordist Muster kept up their fire with their aim being to keep the solitary Retained pinned in front of them. Pinned while they brought up the Charleton's and Anvil's which would be able to blast apart the rubbacrete barriers which were Malorys refuge from the gun fire. Malory was ready now and in his mind he calculated and counted the bullets and as the fire slackened at his lack of appearance and in readiness of magazine changes he sprung his own assault.

In a single fluid movement he turned to face the pillar with a pistol in each hand, his face rounding the pillar for an instant registering targets, his arms expending and the large heavy calibre hand guns going round the rubbacrete as his head came back in. With the Angis Pistols set to single shot he pulled each trigger four times in less than a second and a half. The pistols were back at his side by the time the first Muster fell dead to the ground. From the sound and the screams he estimate he had killed four, wounded three and missed once. Malory chastised himself, perhaps he was nervous after all. But then he had not slept in two days it may well have been fatigue. Hopefully Igraine had not seen him shoot.

Despite the fallen troopers the Muster re-doubled their efforts and the rubbacrete pillar began to loose great shards to the 9mm rounds. They must be really losing it with fury now Malory thought as he huddled as close as possible to the centre and away from the tumbling edges of the pillar. Thousands of bullets for one foe, madness. But then it was this madness that Malory was counting on to save him. Focusing on him and him alone would give his partner time to work around the back of the Muster. A thunder of 12.5mm rounds announced Igraine's arrival.

Kit Mallory emerged once more from the greatly thinned pillar and added his own expert marksmanship to what was now a totally reversed situation. Not a single Yordist survived and as the last one of the enemy slumped to the ground Malory saw Igraine standing with a grin as wide as a Cassilis on her face, reloaded pistols already back on her magnabelt. He spoke softly and across the top of the heap of bodies.

You took your time. Nearly cost me an arm.”

Igraine Malory continued to grin and replied.

My dearest I got here as fast as I could. After all I had to deal with the support squad that was inbound as well. But I see you can cope well enough..apart from that shot you missed of course.”

Kitt Malory returned the smile.

Igraine. As usual you don't miss a thing”.

Exeter II, Foster City, Prydian Army Comms Channels, 4325IC

IAFL03 Retained Pistoleers
IAFL03 rear view

IAFL03 Retained Pistoleers
This is the third limited edition Ion Age 15mm code release. Code IAFL03 contains two unique 15mm white metal miniatures depicting two Retained Knights both armed with twin Angis 12.5mm AP Pistols one male and one female. Great as officers, as characters or just variety in your Posts and Lances these are not named personalities rather a pair of interesting knights. This code is restricted to 500 numbered packs before the molds containing it are destroyed. This code can be bought as a pack or in a multiple for a saving. Price per pack is 2.00GBP. 

AIAF02 The Maligs
We are not having an Early Supporter Offer this month instead we are having new releases and some super special offers on some codes too. See the Information Burst for more on this but following last week's Nox offer we are offering 10% off the Malig miniatures on the website. So until the 19th December the discount is applied on the page, just add to your cart and yes this is applied on top of the normal 10% off for three pack purchase. Verminous Villainy Fun! 

Information Burst!
Its now full swing in the spirit of festive time fun...yes indeed! As its a bit of fun and our first festive season as a separate brand from Alternative Armies and we are going to be doing a one off offer between Tuesday 24th December and Friday 27th December (as a bit of light relief from the celebrations). This offer will see two new codes released at 10% off and also several other codes at a special price too. We will be giving more information on this next week so set your browsing times and don't miss out. Remember when you place an order with us you will be prompted to join the loyalty scheme which will earn you Reward Points on all purchases which can, once accumulated, be redeemed for discounts and special miniatures.

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