Friday, 27 December 2013

Arachne of Clyde IV - Artwork by Sam Croes

Lady Arachne of Clyde IV
The Four Day Xmas Event is now over and I extend my thanks to all of you who placed an order during the festive season fun with us.  All of these orders will be sent out once work resumes in early January 2014. The year is almost at an end and to end it I thought I would take advantage of this post to bring you a brand new piece of pencil art by Sam Croes.

Above you can see Lady Arachne of Clyde IV.  She is a pencil drawing done during the festivities of Christmas by the talented Mr Croes.  What of her story, of her legacy?  I do not know.  She is very much a product of our work here at The Ion Age this year on female Retained Knights and the release of IAF017 this week.

We have more female miniatures waiting for release but before you ask...Lady Arachne is not among them she is currently just the fevered dream of our designer.  Much like, soon, this year that saw our launch upon the wargaming world will be for us all.


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  1. Well, Arachne surely sprang from a fevered artist dream. Every once in a while an artist will encounter something so incredibly inspiring that there is no telling where it will eventually lead. As for Arachne's background? I have not considered it myself, other than the fact that "lady" is possibly not a title per se, as she will hold a position some where in the middle ranks of the Prydian Retained.
    As for Clyde IV, I imagine it a harsh but beautiful world, a landscape of green hills, rocks and craggs, and slate-grey skies. It's northern hemisphere dominated by a massive, sprawling city, where the planet's rich mineral wealth is mined and smelted and tooled into myriads of machine parts. Whilst high above, in the vast orbital dockyards, the mighty starships of the Prydian Fleet are constructed. It is a fierce and proud people that hail from this world, and their soldiers of Retained and Muster alike, even their Planetary Militia, are both regarded with awe and dread by rival baronies.

    1. That is an excellent write up! Clyde IV sounds rather familiar to me.