Wednesday 6 September 2017

Here are all the free Ion Age files for Patrol Angis!

As well as our print and digital paid download game books we at The Ion Age also have some free files for download.  All of these were hosted on our Dropbox but that has changed and now they are all free for the taking directly from our website.  

You can go HERE and browse the pages looking for 'HERE' links or use the listing in this short article to get what you want now.  Enjoy!

The Patrol Angis Game System
There is a folder of free resources for Patrol Angis.  Download HERE
Download a free Scenario set just after the events of 'Return of the Khanate' HERE.
Go to our 15mm Publications page for some external links to independent reviews and such for Patrol Angis.

Playing a minor faction in Patrol Angis.  
We have play test rules and mechanics for several new factions which are outside of the books.  Get these downloads now.

The Prang
There are two free articles for the alien Prang.  Get the Prang Army HERE and the Prang Raiders HERE.

The Xin Hegemony
An interstellar trade fleet back in contact with the rest of Humanity.  Get the Xin HERE.

The Planetary Militia
A play test article which came out before The Khanate Return.  Have a look HERE.

We hope you have fun with Patrol Angis and these free downloads.  If you have suggestions for future free articles please do let me know with a comment or an email to .  I am always happy to speak with an IonFan.

More news and fun space opera style real soon!

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