Friday 1 September 2017

Data Pulse September 2017 at The Ion Age

Welcome to a new month and to a new format of beginning the month at The Ion Age.  No longer an announcement of a new IMP series miniature for the month (you can see all of them HERE on the website) but instead a fresh four weeks with new releases to come, some articles and a monthly long offer on a core code from the range at twenty percent off. Awesome! Visit us HERE or read on for more and thank you for your support of our space opera setting.

With the completion of one of the most titanic in scale armourers works ever seen in the Prydian Precinct the complex plans for the lethal weapon of war that would become the Taranis Main Battle Tank were set into motion.  The Targa Works would go on to produce such vehicles as the Adder Combat Car and Lifter series and the medium weight Mullo Armoured Fighting Vehicle but these were side and later projects compared to Taranis.  Named after an ancient old earth deity a god of war from the isles of mist and rain the Taranis was created to be the mailed fist that would allow the regiments of the Barons and the Throne to continue to expand into space and systems lost during the thousand year old Aldan Crucible detonation.  In 4294IC documents retrieved by Starvaulters during an investigation of the ruins of Newbury IV were decoded and artificed.  It had taken a decade since their retrieval to decode the records which dated from the time of the great Resource Wars of twenty first century earth.  The designs they contained were for a war machine that was the ultimate evolution of a century of tank warfare.  Dutifully recorded they were sent out with the Ark Ships into the void.  A monster of death this tank was doom incarnate and once updated with the technology Prydia now possessed they were further modified to be able to function in environments far more varied than one planet could have offered.  Taranis would be a weapon capable of winning any war against men or the feared Khanate.
Academy Auto-Trainer Series 52, New Glastonbury, 4335IC

The Twenty Percenter!

This month you can get 20% off another code in the range to expand your collection and this month it is a beast which will be the king of any future battlefield! 

IAF102F Taranis Lifter MBT Laser Turret 
This is a hover Taranis main battle tank with a powerful Valerin type laser turret. It is composed of three resin pieces which are the upper hull, the hover skirt unit and Valerin laser cannon turret. It is easy to assemble and is designed to be used for wargaming and thus it is durable. Assembled this vehicle is about 90mm long and 55mm wide making it a super heavy main battle tank in any 15mm scale force.  Go HERE for it.

Data Pulse!

Phase Two is now begun and that means the leading edge of the over two hundred and fifty new 15mm scale miniatures we are designing will be released.  This will be middle of the month (with all the releases made at the same time so you can plan your orders) and we will have a First Look at them before this but I can tell you now that the new figures will be in platoon strength with twenty five different poses and a special pose only found in the platoon pack.  Featured in The Khanate Return they are the enemies of the Shia Khan and defend the worlds of men. Plus they wrap up warm. Is that enough of a hint?  Wait and see. As well as new releases we will have a great new free article to download for use in Patrol Angis which will feature an upcoming release over on Alternative Armies for a different kind of 'bug hunt' using your Retained Knights or Legionaries.  There will be new images and a story about this month's offer code and there will be an update on the progress of the current new title for Patrol Angis the book currently titled 'Baron' which is devouring my restful dreams.

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