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The Rheged Company of Ice and The Code

Viewed by many in the Precinct as outcasts who hold to the Code Gallant more than to anything else the infamous Rheged Company hail from a small icy world and it shows in their demeanour.  First to the fray and taking in those fallen knights which no other Condot or Barony will touch the Rheged wear the name of their founder killed in dishonour.  Often found in deep space and aboard starships lost during the last Khanate War they are warriors true.  Created by and written for you by Aris Kolehmainen they are his own force in Patrol Angis and this is their story.

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10 The Rheged company
The Rheged Company of Ice and The Code 

The Rheged company was founded by a Knight Errant by the name of Sir Richard “Ragged Rich” Rheged. Known for his immense stature, jovial mannerisms, and ferocity of the field of battle. Sir Rheged was born on the world of Heimdal XII, an ice world with a reputation for dangerous wildlife, inhospitable environment, and the proud rugged people who call it home. He bore on his person several reminders of his home world but most noticeably his great fur cape which was a traditional gift and a symbolic of his rite of passage amongst members of his noble house. He bore this cape on his person in battle, which along with his Roaz Axe and icy blue armour, gave him a truly medieval appearance, further lending to his moniker. 

Upon receiving his quest from the throne,  he formed his mercenary company which was aligned with Sir Rheged’s dedication to speed and manoeuvrability on the field. In fact, not a single unit was fielded that was not mounted on a Khamel war bike, or in any number of armoured transports. His own preference was an an early model Khamel made with reinforced Heimdalian brass armour plating.

Some years after Rheged’s Company was founded, the company was hired by the Baron of Vincett XII, a planet loyal to Prydia, but unfortunately located in a zone known for its numerous roving bands of pirates. These pirates were the source of constant raids against the various planets in the Vincett system and had reached a point where to allow the status quo to continue would mean the downfall of the local government, and possible rebellion. Sir Rheged accepted the task of flushing as many pirates from the system as possible.

While tracking a pirate band that had been eluding him for some days,  Sir Rheged’s battleship “Spear of Truth” happened upon a derelict battleship named the “Stallion of Might” with its emergency beacon still lit. Hoping to find survivors, a boarding party from the ‘Spear’ made its way aboard, and found the broken, mutilated, but living body of a young Prydian Knight Errant. This knight was brought aboard the ‘Spear and medical teams worked many long and tremulous hours, but were eventually able to stabilize him.

The knight was Sir Brynjar Ryttare, on a Quest from the Princess herself, he was disgraced by his own vanity and brash acts. While his actions were in clear violation of the Code Gallant, Rheged saw potential in him. Rheged made Brynjar his squire and sent him to train with the men and women of the Muster, Brynjar slowly built up the respect of those around him, and for himself. Though hard work, he worked his way into the confidence of the leadership structure of the Company and took an honour guard position in Sir Rheged’s Khamel demi as the left wing-man.

The Company changed drastically after a single event during the Yordist rebellion. Tasked at containing a small Yordist force from exiting a city, the Rheged Company put on a spectacular performance, striking like lightning, quickly, devastatingly, and never in the same spot twice. It was after a patrol when Sir Rheged and Sir Ryttare removed their armour and were about to retire when a shot was fired from a far off building, striking Sir Rheged in the chest, killing him near instantly. Brynjar was helpless to save him, but the breach of the Code Gallant and the death of his friend and mentor brought him to rage.  

Brynjar’s conviction was clear; the sniper was commanded to make such an act by the leading knight or Baron of the enemy force, the order to strike down an un-armored knight was as much of a breach of the Code as the act itself, therefore, the knight and those under him were fallen knights, and the law Code must be defended and an example made.

In his fury he took to the fallen Knight's Khamel and asked all who honoured the Code join him to avenge their fallen leader. Upon hearing of the death of Sir Rheged, the entirety of the Company came out in full force. Gunfire and explosions were muted to the sound of hundreds of Khamel war bikes and armoured troop carriers tearing though the city. Not one Yordist was spared in the motorized blitz, every last enemy combatant was run down or put to the blade.

After the slaughter, a new direction was formed. The Rheged Company would maintain it’s name in memory of their fallen leader. Further, all their armour would be painted the ice blue colour of Sir Rheged, but the pauldrons would be painted red, to display their fury at a breach of the Code Gallant, but rimmed in black, in memory of the assassination and loss of their once great friend and commander. Many began to wear furs of dangerous predators they would hunt as a rite of passage, in the same way Sir Rheged did. The Company would follow Sir Brynjar Ryttare on their new mission, to stomp out any who would break the law of the Code Gallant.

While their actions have put them generally in the path of those attempting to strike against Prydian rule, the Company has been known to seek out and bring down “fallen knights” from within the rank and file of the Prydian forces as well. This has led some Barons and knights to be wary around the Rheged Company, but the call to protect the Code from any and all who would abuse it or discard it has gained a following over the past few years, and while the company primarily sticks to Khamel war bikes and troop transports, a few platoons of Desteria Knights and Taranis Tanks have joined his ranks as well. Rumor even states that Sir Ryttare now even commands several Afara Striders. But no matter how large the Company grows, their goal of maintaining the purity of the Code Gallant remains forever at their forefront.

Note: It is common for many to wear animal furs or pelts attached to their armor. Leaders almost always wear a fur lined cape as a symbol of rank.  Further, many riders bear Marks of Righteousness on the flanks of their vehicles, or armor. These are gifted by a superior for a noted action that preserved or defended the honor of The Code.

Fielding this Force in Patrol Angis

Playing the Rheged Company means playing for speed. Khamel Warbikes are the name of the game, being able to bring huge fire power where, and when, it’s needed quickly. This does come at a cost though, as since the core of your force are mounted on Infantry Sized Vehicles, you won’t be able to return fire when shot at, so think wisely not just where you’re going but how to get there!

If a roving band of Code defending bikers aren’t your thing, mounting your forces in armoured transports is the way to go. So long as the force can strike fast and hard, you’re on the right path! Try mounting your forces in the mighty Taranis  APC, or Colabreta Patrol Carrier APC.  These are on the Vehicles page of The Ion Age website.

The Rheged Company is a great opportunity to learn some simple sculpting techniques, like fur, to create a much more ‘Nordic’ feeling force. Or you can be a bit brave and try a couple head swaps and a little padding on the armour to make some Retained on Khamels. Creating Marks of Righteousness for your units is also a simple sculpting job that adds another point of uniqueness to your minis and some visual variety to your army.

You may have noticed the number heading this article.  This ties to the uniform reference on our Uniforms of the Prydian Precinct Poster which shows in detail thirty different uniforms of troops. See it HERE.

This concludes the introduction to the Rheged Company and we hope you enjoyed it and are inspired to take your place in the wars raging across the Prydian Precinct.

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