Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Coming Soon...The Year Two Collection

The Year Two Collection...well nearly!
The Ion Age is going to be two years old next month and as with last year (has it been a year already!) at we are going to mark the new month of August 2015 with a new free monthly miniature IMP24 its nature as yet a secret.  This means that in the early part of August we will be putting a new page up on our website that contains not only the Year One Collection covering IMP01 to IMP12 but also the 'Year Two Collection' covering IMP13 to IMP24 with the option to purchase any of the miniatures from the last two years that were given away freely in orders monthly by month.  There will be the options to purchase each miniature on its own or the set with a saving.

You might have noticed that there are only eleven miniatures in the image here and a handy Ion Age logo and question mark replacing the twelfth.  This is purposeful...no early looks at it as I want it to be a total surprise as it is every month!

If you look to last years blog post about the Year One Collection you will find that back then we starting out and some wargamers got upset that we were giving away miniatures for free every month.  I am pleased to say that such remarks have ceased and indeed I was even the happy recipient of several apologies from chaps who are now regular customers of ours.  We will keep on making monthly free miniatures as I do really honestly believe that at times our hobby has lost its sense of fun and freebies and we thank you for your support as always.  We are much bigger and stronger than a year ago and all of that growth is organic and down to creating and releasing miniatures that you want to have.  What will year three bring us...even I do not know in full but its going to be awesome finding out!

The start of next month is going to be quite busy for The Ion Age...only a couple of weeks or so to wait.

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  1. Your quirky one-offs are a great idea, and I've certainly enjoyed painting the ones I've got. I'm glad some of your vocal doubters have come around, it's certainly to their benefit... Personally, I'm glad I caught on to IA early, it might have been only 2 years but you've been going strong the whole time.

    1. Thanks Allison. I enjoy being nice to customers and some people find that odd when many now are fixated by pricing and profit only. If you asked everyone here they would say I am the slow one in the project...I need to write more books! GBS