Thursday, 23 January 2014

IAF015D Tower Module released!

The civil war has been good for business for The Seorc Compono Guild (SCG) and its Habitation Dome Riser System (HDRS). A system of pre-fabricated structures that aid in colonisation and development across the Prydian Precinct for everyone's benefit before being gradually replaced as time passed. SCG maintains that it provides a service only and while it does trade with anyone who has funds to pay its first loyalty is to New Glastonbury and the Council. Indeed SCG has proved this by fabricating some ninety percent of its rubbacrete in the Glastonbury star system and virtually all of its golglass in the core systems keeping many millions in employment.

While the merits of the Habitation or 'Hab' Dome are well known after several decades of construction and allocation across the Precinct there was initially some resistance to the riser element of the HDRS. While settlers and more primitive cultures were happy, after a while, to adapt to dome living they were not so keen on multiple level living. Seorc did not appreciate this predicament and sent out representatives to demonstrate tower living. After a few years in all but a few places the issue was resolved. Towers of two or three or even four levels offered a lot more space to larger families and the chance to charge a fee for sighting a specialised mount on the top of the tower.

Indeed with the destruction of dwellings across the Precinct in the ongoing civil war, despite the best efforts of some to prevent it, SCG has advanced its planned fabrication of larger calibre weapon mounts. With the success of the sentry gun and the smallest functioning Hurwent Generator yet possible the HDRS has proved its versatility and in 4319IC it unveiled further larger mounts. Aside from the MkII Skylarker Landing Pad which must be taken as a marvel on its own there is the twin rotary cannons of an anti-aircraft mount and the twin pods of the licensed Anda missile system as well.

The HDRS will continue to roll out across all space and SCG are committed to fabricating Prydia one dome at a time.

Quincy Portent, SGC New Glastonbury, 4330IC

IAF015D Tower Module front view (on Hab Dome)
IAF015D Tower Module rear view (on Hab Dome)
Back in October 2013 we released the core item in our 15mm Ion Age terrain range the IAF015 Hab Dome. It was so popular that we had to make a lot more molds than we intended to but it was just the start. I am proud to announce that today we release the IAF015D Tower Module which turns your Hab Dome into a multiple level structure. Its another piece of the whole planned settlement which is suitable for any 15mm scale science fiction setting. We are raising the stakes as it were and appreciate your support in our bringing these great miniatures and models to your gaming tables.

Scale shot with IAF014 Retained Knight
Mocked up Tower with IAF015C Hurwent Generator
Dome and Tower during Patrol Angis playtesting
IAF015D Tower Module

This code contains two high quality grey tone resin pieces with a lot of external detailing. The Tower Module itself which is 50mm wide and 30mm tall and the Connector Plate which is used (if you wish to) as the linkage piece between either the top of a Hab Dome or the top of another Tower Module. The pieces go together tightly and allow the creation of multiple level structures. The top of the Tower Module will fit any of the top mounts (IAF015A,B,C etc) meant for the Hab Dome. You do need an IAF015 Hab Dome to make full use of this code. Price is 6.00GBP or you can purchase three and save 10%. We also have a great offer of a Tower Module supplied with a Hab Dome priced at 11.70GBP saving 10% off the bundle total. 

Glue the Connector to the Underside of the Module to 'snap fit' levels
Canlastrian Retained advance upon two Hab Domes
IAF015 Hab Dome

Our first 15mm resin building and structure of The Ion Age. Fabricated by the Seorc Guild Hab Domes have many uses and can be found all across Prydian space. The Hab Dome is the starting point for a whole series of resin structure system for The Ion Age in 15mm scale. The Hab Dome is the basic unit for stackable and adaptable units. It can be used on its own or with other IAF codes. It is a high quality grey tone resin one piece casting which is 65mm wide and 30mm tall with a high degree of external detailing. Suitable for use in any science fiction setting as well as The Ion Age. Decorate your wargame table. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as a single or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. 

Information Burst!

We are going up in the world with more terrain but at the same time its nearing the end of the first month of 2014; yes already. The planned IAF030 Duxis Battlesuit ESO (Early Supporter Offer) bundles have been put back until early February to allow the direct involvement of Noble Knight Games (our North American Agent). They will be offering the bundles directly on their own website! We will give you full details at the right time. Moving on keep in mind that the current free miniature (one given in every order placed automatically) IMP05 Winter Musterman is only around until 1st February when it will be replaced so get your order in now if you want this special figure free. By placing an order with us you will sign up for an account with the website and that means you get Reward Points in all purchases. These points can be used any time to get free products and discounts on orders. We have more than a couple of hundred happy point using customers now and we look forward to welcoming you too.

Ion Age Blog

We have several concepting and previous posts about the Seorc Compono Guild (SCG) and their HDRS (Habitation Dome Riser System) series of structures. For your use here are links to each of them so that if you are interested you can track back and see what has come before for 15mm Ion Age terrain up to today. Here we go! 

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  1. Do you need to glue the connector plate on? In other words if I have 4 domes and 4 tower modules can I vary the height from day to day or is it a once only choice as I have to glue any given height of tower together?

    1. Thanks for your comment Tim. I thought I had put down everything about this release but you make an excellent point.

      The connector plate glues to the underside of the Tower Module detail side down to allow snug fit to the top of the Hab Dome under it (the connector plate is a RELIEF of the top of the dome). The next level of tower would repeat this. The connector is glued to the underside of the Tower Module and that way you can assemble and take away levels at your pleasure. Since the tower modules will not sit on the table directly without a Hab Dome.

      With four Tower Modules (glue on the connector plate underneath each) you can assemble a varied tower height every time leaving a top mount on the top level for your choice of fixture (IAF15C for example).


  2. Thank you for the swift reply and it was the news I was hoping for that the tower heights can be varied. I absolutely love these models, at last the chance to get some height into my sci-fi buildings. Order coming your way this weekend.

    1. My pleasure Tim and I am glad the reply was comprehensive and clear. Yes, towers are the name of the game. Thank you, I look forward to your custom.