Monday, 18 November 2013

The Ion Age is on The Miniatures Page (TMP)

Another step forward for The Ion Age!

We are now on official advertiser, with the above banner designed by Sam Croes, on The Miniatures Page. This is our second paid advertising slot and we will see how it goes.  I decided to sign us up for TMP officially since we were getting a large percentage of our online traffic from forums on TMP already and it seemed like we ought the do the job ourselves.

Doing the job ourselves will involve posting news to TMP and from there the forums can comment as before. I am hoping for positive feedback from readers of TMP just as we have had already here on the blog and by email and on other forums such as the Notables and Wargames News and Terrain blog and Dropship Horizon blog.  It makes me sad to see negative comments made against a company's hard work if those comments are undeserved.  Trolls should stay under bridges or be on the receiving end of my sword as it were.

I will do my best to keep track of all of the news and posts about The Ion Age on TMP and to direct new people to us here so that they can learn all about our little brand and our Space Opera fun in 15mm and 28mm scales.



  1. Good luck! HMGS-Midsouth advertises with TMP and we've found it very effective. Keep up the great work. I loved the original Ion Age book and rules. I played it quite often. The original action and reaction system was just brilliant. I welcome a new chapter in the life of this game series. I think 15mm is a great way to play sci-fi now. It took a while for me to really buy in but now I'm hooked! I hope you do well!

    1. Hello Peter,

      Thanks! I really like TMP and all of the wargaming chatter it promotes. We had a good level of traffic from TMP during the night so it is looking fine.

      Thanks for the kind words too. The Ion Age is a fantastic and original universe with acres of expansion possible. Just you watch us expand.