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Free expansion to The Khanate Return book with additional general and client race rules

“The Shia Khan Empire favours energy based weapons over those using projectiles as ammunition for the majority of its Legions.  While other instructional vids will be dealing with the Maia and Juno classes of weapons, our subject here is the designated Jupiter series of plasmatic weapons, primarily the Jupiter 46mm Plasma Rifle.  The Jupiter Plasma Rifle is a heavy infantry weapon in the weight brand of some sixteen kilograms for the gun itself and another twenty kilograms for the linked power supply.  It has been observed in use by two alien soldiers with one manning the weapon and the other handling the power supply and ensuring function.  As such it is not the most mobile of infantry carried weapons.  However using dedicated power supplies within their Segmentum pattern armour along with enhanced strength, Nox troopers can make use of the Jupiter on their own, both wielding and charging it themselves.  Khanate plasmastic weapons use a similar technology to our own which we estimate is some century and a half more advanced with a superior discharge and kill potential in infantry sized deployments.  A chamber within the Jupiter Rifle with a spherical size of 46mm across is superheated and injected with a tiny amount of material which is then accelerated from the barrel using an array of linear magnets.  The resultant projected blast of plasma can be accurately aimed at moderate to long ranges superior to our Hermit class.  We have only estimates of usage duration that a typical power supply linked will allow for twenty shots before significant charging is required or supply switched.  Battlefield reports and vid feed show Jupiter shots penetrating Alwite Powered Armour with relative ease and survival rates from injury by Jupiter Plasma Rifles are very low.  Commanders in the field recommend the destruction of captured Khanate weapons and power packs as instances of booby trapping and remote overcharge and detonation are common.”
Academy Auto-Trainer Series 16, New Glastonbury, 4333 1C

It is my great pleasure to present for free download a brand new six page article written by Aris Kolehmainen and myself and representing Aris biggest work in The Ion Age thus far; an expansion to the Shia Khan Empire.  This additional game content slots right into IAB03 The Khanate Return book which you can have in print or as a paid digital download putting the legions into your games of Patrol Angis.  To see all the free files go HERE or for the Khanate army see HERE for troops and HERE for vehicles.  Read on for more!

Client Races and Skills for the Khanate Empire
A six page free article which gives you additional rules for use in Patrol Angis for both the client races (Maligs, Nox, Beotan and others) as well as a list of general skills, gear and traits which can be used by all troop types.  A great resource written by  Aris Kolehmainen which adds right into (from page 29 onwards) IAB03 The Khanate Return.  To download it from our website CLICK HERE.

The Khanate Army is composed of endless troops who pour from the Matter Gateway in the Camarthen star system.  The main military structure of the Khanate is the Legion.  Each legion has thousands of troops who are in the main Legionaries in their distinctive reflective glimmer suits and breather helms, with Pioneers with extra armour but there are also the Nox, power armoured elite legionaries, Warlords who are huge brutes with massive firepower and Psycoborgs robotic weapons of terror.  There are also the verminous Maligs who swarm to the command of the Legion and are used as cannon fodder and to tie down human troops The Betrayers who are humans coerced or mind wiped into fighting for the Khanate.  Then the Beotans who are savage lycanthrope warriors used for cold climes and city fighting. Legion uniforms are typically single colour suits such as the red of the Styx Legion or the green of the Medusa Legion with a black or white helmet.  Officers sometimes have elaborate golden weave and cloaks. 

There is a great variety of miniatures in this army which can be had by the pack or single poses within packs.  See them all HERE.  We also have a range of vehicles for the this army which are exotic and centred around rolling tanks; see them HERE.

Now on and until 9am GMT Tuesday 27th November there is a Black Friday Season event here at The Ion Age.  Done in conjunction with our sister site Alternative Armies we have automatic Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders over 15GBP of product placed in the cart (you need do nothing but add to cart but please note tracked shipping remains a flat 10GBP charge to select) and we have brand new releases in the form of the mighty Magogs; three huge mecha in 15mm scale.  

You might have seen the the Magogs on our BLOG already but these mighty war machines have offers on them during the event. Go HERE for the website.

This is our last news for the month.  We will be presenting a free article in December giving you more information and images of the Magogs in the field along with Patrol Angis rules.  We will also have our last release of 2018 too and it will be full of pomp for sure!

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