Monday, 27 November 2017

Cyber Monday 2017 at The Ion Age 25% off Patrol Angis series digital 24hrs only

Digital bliss at The Ion Age today and for 24hrs only we have taken 25% off every single digital title in the Patrol Angis series. All the books can be found on the 15mm Publications page and you get your titles upon completion of check out. Go HERE. Additionally you have until 9am Tuesday 28th November to get free shipping on all physical orders over 15GBP in cart. 

Digital Downloads for Patrol Angis
A digital download format as paid for PDF's from the website. Just add to your cart. No shipping, no waiting, just download after payment is completed. All of our digital paid downloads are always at least 20% cheaper than the print version of the same title would be. If you have any questions just ask us on  Go HERE.  There are many free files on the linked page for Patrol Angis which you can click on to read.

Twenty Four hours only. Get your order in now!
Last Chance on the free shipping and bundles which end in 24hrs time.

New Release! On the website now HERE.
IAF148 Beotan 2nd Tesseran (8 Lycanthopes with Mia Mpi) 6.00GBP 

Black Friday Event Offers! (Save on these) 
These are on our Early Supporter Offers page. 

IAF020 Havelock Battlesuit Bundle (3 Battlesuits, 1 Free Fallen Battlesuit and 15% off) (above)

IAF064 Geo Shelter Bundle (5 Buildings) (20% off)

IAF015 Hab Dome (25% off)

If you have not already done so we urge you to go to our BLOG home page, look to the right and join our mailing list through the box provided there. We are featuring an email only bonus blister offer which you can find out about if you are on the mailing list. You must be on the list to get it. You will also not miss out on all the new releases and fun. 

Lastly if you wish to combine orders with our mother site Alternative Armies then you can and you get access to the offers and free shipping there too. Send an email to and list out all the codes you want from both websites along with your address and your paypal email. We will respond and send you an invoice to pay. Easy! 

Thanks and enjoy some space opera wargaming fun! 


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