Thursday, 2 November 2017

Data Pulse the Hab Dome core of our 15mm Terrain Range

Early on in the initial expansion of Humanity back to the stars within the Prydian Precinct it was noted that although large cities could be built given time in the short term a need was logged for structures which could cope with variable terrain and planetary conditions.  Designing such structures was beyond the abilities of all but the core systems who turned to the pioneers who created the ubiquitous Rubbacrete and Golglass.  These pioneers created materials which revolutionised construction and brought about massive improvement in lives all across the Precinct; The Seorc Compono Guild.

Seorc Compono Guild (SCG) brought their finest minds to focus on the challenge and created one of the miracles of the century the Habitation Dome Riser System (HDRS).  The HDRS would be standardised and shipped aboard vessels heading off world anywhere in the Precinct where they could quickly accommodate a sizeable population.   It would be more than housing though as the HDRS featured additional modules which could expand the living area and turret or assembly mounts for specialised purposes.  These purposes varied but typically they included self defence, fortification, repulsar platform landing pads, spire communications, hurwent shielding and power generation among others.

The HRDS can be found on more than fifty planets and countless vacuum environments (it is a pressurised structure system) and is utilised by everyone from the Prydian Army to the lowest of the Marcher Barons and civilian authorities too.  Single Hab Domes to small groups and hard points right up a city of a hundred thousand people all in HRDS towers.  In some locales they never got around to replacing them before the Civil War began.  Camarthan Prime was one of those places.
Quincy Portent, SGC New Glastonbury, 4330IC

All this month at The Ion Age our big saver deal is on a building in 15mm scale.  It is the core, the centre, the original and first building in our 15mm Terrain Range; the IAF015 Hab Dome upon which all else is placed.  It is a one piece resin structure designed by Sam Croes which can be added to with a variety of top mounts and other structures.  Go HERE or read on for more on our terrain system which you can use in any science fiction setting from the Artic to Mars and further out in space as well of course as with Patrol Angis.

Here is a list of all of our 15mm Terrain codes and you can see them all HERE.  We have grouped the list with pictures by type beginning with the Hab Dome.

IAF015 Hab Dome

IAF015A Sentry Gun Turret
IAF015B Comms Spire Mount
IAF015C Hurwent Shield Generator
IAF015D Tower Module for Hab Dome
IAF015E Landing Pad for Hab Dome
IAF015F Flak Cannon Turret
IAF015G Two Block Missile Pod Turret
IAF015K to IAF015O Top Mounts III (Gun Turrets)

IAF015J Smashed Hab Dome
IAF015I Cratered Hab Dome

IAF040 Block House
IAF070 Command Dome

IAF024 Fabricator Spire
IAF043 Power Spire

IAF044A Straight Connectors
IAF044B Double Length Connectors
IAF044C Corner Connectors
IAF044D Three Way Connectors
IAF044E Four Way Connector
IAF044F T Junction Connectors
IAF044G Pressure Doors
IAF044H Turret Connectors (fits all weapon turret mounts)
IAF044I Hab Dome Wall connectors

IAF064A Habitation Geo Shelter
IAF064B Storage Geo Shelter
IAF064C Laboratory Geo Shelter
IAF064D Defender Geo Shelter
IAF064E Smashed Geo Shelter

IAF034 Skylark Cradle (vehicle repair facility)

We have three Habitation Colony bundles of different sizes which give you a whole settlement in one box with a saving.




Go HERE for the 15mm Terrain Range which also includes crashed and smashed vehicles and battlesuits.

If you like the look of this month's special then have a gander at Patrol Angis for your skirmish wargaming and in Callsign Taranis you will find rules for all the buildings in the Terrain Range.

Enjoy the special offer and remember that when you order from us you set up an account with the website.  Not for emails but rather that you may get the Reward Points which each order earns that you can trade in later for discounts and free things.  You get 100 Points as a free welcome bonus!  Extra value from The Ion Age.

In other news I want to thank everyone for their support with the Tohlic Early Supporter Offers.  We will be releasing the Armoured Crawler soon as well as the Cold Climes Veterans infantry.  We have other new releases this month for the Shia Khan Empire with a new client race.  We will also have a Black Friday Offer.  Plus we have a returning popular bundle this month which is on the Early Supporter Page....Have a look HERE.

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