Sunday, 8 March 2015

Geo Shelters at the Painting Agency Blog

Its great to see Ion Age buildings painted up in schemes other than our own and today I saw a blog posting by Allison M over at the Painting Agency which did just that.  A pair of our excellent 15mm scale Geo-Shelters painted up in a sort of haz-mat style with strong yellow with red detailing making them look really striking.  On the left the Laboratory dome and on the right the Habitation dome types.

You can click on the link above to visit the Painting Agency blog post where there are more details and another image too.

If you are interested in the Geo-Shelter for your 15mm science fiction or modern wargame collection you can see all five types of the model on our website HERE. Useful in many different settings from our own space opera to near future, post apocalypse, arctic survival, refugee camps and temporary command stations during zombie outbreaks plus many more each of our domes is about 50mm wide and 30mm tall.  One or two or half a dozen as scattered terrain on your table looks great.

Above is our own picture of the five types of Geo-Shelter and as you can see they do look rather different in grey and neutral tones.  

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  1. Haha, sorry my dramatic pic is so...ecumenical. It turns out that while I enjoy painting your characterful minis, I haven't got around to doing a whole squad of them yet! I did just receive my order of Planetary Militia, so that may change soon.

    Glad you like these, anyway. The yellow is Ceramcoat "Empire Gold" which, despite being about two bucks a bottle, thinned and airbrushed on nicely. A cheap way to slather paint on larger terrain pieces...

    1. Its your blog and your choice there Allison. Yes, sure when you have painted up a whole squad or more of the Planetary Militia we would love to see them too. Slather...never...quality work my friend!