Friday, 20 March 2015

Planetary Militia at The Painting Agency Blog

We have mailed out over a thousand white metal 15mm Planetary Militia miniatures since released last month and now that a load of Steornede Battlesuits are stomping off too it was a pleasure to see Allison M over on his blog put up a posting. You can visit the full posting on his blog HERE

The Peoples Protectors. PPP Home Guard 

“The People's Planetary Partnership have the odd distinction of being the only sustainably functioning anarcho-socialist society in human history, existing across multiple star systems with a government based on group arbitration and consensus-building. While no official apparatus exists to enforce ideological conformity, this governmental structure is sufficiently popular that dissenters generally find themselves facing social scorn and little cooperation from their fellow citizens. 

Consequently, outsiders have variously described the PPP as "stodgy but egalitarian" and "numbingly conformist". The PPP remain technologically inferior to their main stellar-political rivals the Cultural Collective, largely because of their refusal to create sentient artificial intelligences. They maintain that "leashed" AI's constitute slavery while unrestricted ones represent an existential threat to humanity. They loosely ally themselves with the photosynthetic Chloros, whose biological collectivism they admire.” 

I think Allison's take on using the Planetary Defence Forces, the other name for the PM, is really nice. Combines my own thinking about what these troops are which is mid tech level, basic, core and localised to a world along with a new story and uniform that make them quite different to look at. Across the infantry and the Hazelwurm Patrol Car too. Here are pictures of our own uniforms on the same miniatures. If you want to see them on our website go HERE and HERE

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  1. I just noticed that in my disorganized painting process, I missed a few highlights... How annoying! Oh well, they're posted now.

    Also hopefully nobody will ask me how a military force based on anarchist principles would work on a larger scale. Maybe they vote in new officers every few weeks or something. *waves hands vaguely* It's sci-fi...

    1. Not a problem Alison. Good work. It is sci-fi but hey as long as you can dream it and put in on the table it works. After all some backgrounds make no sense at all...