Thursday, 12 March 2015

Model Brush reviews Ion Age Terrain pieces

Model Brush is a wargaming review website run by a small group of talented guys in Spain. Late in 2014 they approached us to review our Ion Age Terrain Range on their website. Specifically we sent them the introductory starter set IAF044BU01 Habitation Outpost Bundle which has a 20% saving giving a great overview of our terrain range. 

You can access the product review HERE

The review looks in depth and impartially at the pieces in the Habitation Outpost Bundle and features many images and opinions. They look at the Hab Domes, the Connector Corridors, the Turret Modules, the Pressure Door, Crossroads Connector and the Power Spire. I like their review style and I will leave you with the final line from the review:

 “We can only say good things about these little outpost: the quality is great and the size is bigger than we expected. The only bad thing about it is… that we want the bigger outpost packs!!! (Meanwhile, we have started painting this outpost, so stay tuned for it!)” 

Information Burst 
Its coming up on the middle of March and while we have been really quiet this month its down to me as I put the final touches to Patrol Angis before starting talking about it in the second half of the month. We are busy with a lot of cool things for later in the year and have just finished the Planetary Militia battlesuit..shussh! You also have until the end of the month to get the free miniature which is currently IMP19 Happy Burger Bot. You guys are loving this characterful robot. Thanks for your custom and for the kind words about our products we do appreciate it. We work hard and we want you all to have fun with your wargaming in our space opera setting. Finally remember that by placing an order with us you will sign up for an account with the website and that means you get Reward Points in all purchases and the free monthly miniature too. These points can be used any time to get free products and discounts on orders. 

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