Thursday, 13 March 2014

House of Kroy at Wargaming Pastor's Blog

Knight Commander of the House of Kroy
There is an excellent blog post just up by the Wargaming Paster.  He is a big fan of what I do in The Ion Age and the background story in Firefight 2.0 inspired him to get back into our miniatures in 28mm scale.

The House of Kroy is assembled to stand against the invasion of the Khanate Empire both in the Prydian Civil War and perhaps a thousand years earlier during the Ban of Prejudice before the activation of the Aldan Cruicible.  There is more on this in the posting.

I really like the uniform of the Kroy Retained and Muster.  Using the red and white colours that feature in the standard Prydian Army uniforms there is more emphasis on the red for Kroy with white being used to pick out raised areas.  See more pictures in the posting.

An excellent post and I look forward to seeing the House of Kroy in battle!

You can find all of the Retained and Muster in 28mm on our website.