Thursday, 13 March 2014

IAF021 Muster 1st Patrol Command Released!

You sure you want this promotion Patrol Superior Trooper Hanson? Going up to Emeritas will change things for you.”

Trooper Hanson dropped back from the crisp salute he had given Sarj Lyatt Jones and into a more easy pose. He has anticipated this question and indeed he wanted it asked. He had survived the vaccing of his home moon Rikergast and then enforced closure of the outlawed droid works on Farnborough VII where had a gotten two scars from the experience. As it that was not enough he had been with the 903rd on Hakke in the initial war against the thinking robots of the M.O.R. How he hated machines. He had survived all of that and gotten into the prized ranks of the Patrol. Now here on Canaveral II in the ongoing war with the League of Yordan for the system he had proven himself again in a number of firefights. The promotion was more than earned. Things would change, but didn't they always. That was the sick joke that passed for life these days.
Yes Sarj. I am. You know I earned it. You know I want it. I also know that you got sent here for a reason you are keeping quiet about.”
Sarj Jones bridled at this but his face remained impassive. He had enrolled Hanson into the Patrol from the regular Muster two years previously back at a cosy recruiting office on New Glastonbury. He was pushing sixty year old now and if had not been for money owed he would have retired. Damn his son, damn him and his gambling. Danger pay was good on active duty for the Patrol. It ought to be, you had to earn it. Jones needed the money and he was right in the thick of it now.

Fair enough Hanson. Come with me and we'll go and see the Captain. See if you can fill Merther's boots.”
The Sergeant turned on his heels and began to march towards the command post some hundred meters away. Troop Hanson smiled and then marched behind him. There was nothing of home left for him, no family or possessions. The Prydian Army was his life and he had set his aims at joining the ranks of the Retained as a Varlet. This was the only way a man like him could make it. He had to rise, to rise and survive.

Don't want his boots Sarj. They got snuffed just like he did. Nothing left after the impact. But it will mean that you will be calling me sir....”

Hanson saw the Sarj's shoulders tense if only for a moment. Whatever had happened to make Jones leave New Glastonbury must have been bad. He was too old for this game now.

If you get the promot' Trooper, if you get it. But then I known you long enough ain't I. Seen what you can do. Wouldn't surprise me if you made it all the way to Varlet.”

Sarj Layatt Jones. 874th Regiment, Patrol, Canaveral II . 4328IC 
(this is the second part of this story, you can read the first part HERE)

IAF021 Muster 1st Patrol Command
IAF021 Muster 1st Patrol Command
Got to have leadership for your lads eh! This week we present the Muster Patrol Command pack. This command set has five poses of brand new white metal 15mm miniatures suitable to lead The Patrol. Composed of a middle ranking officer with Tumbler SMG, a Patrol Trooper with Comms Gear and a Moth Rifle, a Patrol Medic, a Standard Bearer and lastly an unfortunate Patrol Trooper who has died in combat. Wearing Aketon Armour and Patrol helmets this is a great command pack for any Muster Patrol force such as IAF022 up to and beyond the Platoon level. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Go HERE. Price 2.50GBP per pack.

IAF021 Rear View
This is our second Muster Patrol new release and we are planning more. For example to get to a full platoon of unique poses we will need a Support Patrol Squad with heavier weapons but should we also have a special command pack (like IAF005 Balthazar and Jerome for the Retained) and a squad of female Patrol Troopers? If you have suggestions then drop us a line we would love to hear from you.

IAF022 Muster 1st Patrol
IAF022 Muster 1st Patrol 
The first release into the most glamorous and dangerous arm of the Muster; The Patrol. The Patrol is a vast number of regiments of troopers who all have time served combat experience and act as a front time aid to Retained Knights and also in their own right. This squad of ten white metal 15mm poses is composed of a low ranking officer with Moth Pistol, several poses of trooper with Moth Rifle, with Tumbler SMG and a couple of with heavier weapons the Anvil 888 and Charlatan 22mm Launcher. Wearing Aketon armour and Patrol helmets this is a central squad for a patrol platoon. As always this code can be bought as a pack or as single miniatures or select the three packs and save 10% option on the page. Go HERE. Price 5.00GBP per pack.

IMP07 Female Muster Patrol Officer

Information Burst! 
We are into the final week of the Skylark Patrol Flyer early supporter offers. These now end on the 20th March 2014 (extended three days by customer request). So if you want to take advantage of a 25% saving and free items on a bundle at the same time as getting the brand new Patrol Command pack then now is the time! Remember you also automatically get this month's free miniature IMP07 Female Muster Patrol Officer (appropriate!) which you can also purchase if you want more castings of it. Come 1st April the current IMP miniature vanishes. 

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  1. I'm just glad these aren't 28mm releases. You'ld be costing me a pretty penny!

    1. Er....they are all based on existing 28mm Muster.... :-)


    2. Ah, then I must already have spent a pretty penny : ) I like the the Skylarks...