Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Duxis Battlesuit takes to the field!

Artwork showing Pilot within the Duxis by Sam Croes
"Camarthan Prime ain't gonna be a meal for the Khanate no more.  Let me tell you.  We might be smaller than those hulking Warlords but now the score is evened up and that's for sure.  Climb in, seal up, fire it up and then take the fight to them.  Your rifle ain't 9mm anymore, it ain't 12.5mm anymore its 25mm and its fully automatic.  That's gotta hurt even if your twelve feet tall."
Fallon Briana, Duxis Pilot.  4331IC

The time is nearly here.  On the 6th February 2014 the early support offers for the 15mm scale Duxis Battlesuit will go live and for two weeks you will have the chance to get in on two excellent bundles that offer a saving and free items which are also brand new and not yet released.  Wait and see!

You can read the concepting post for the Duxis and the posting of the master tins arriving or that Noble Knight Games in the USA will be in on the ESO's by clicking on the links.  Enjoy!

Otherwise please visit us upon the morrow and see the foe of the Shia Khan Empire!


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  1. Ahhh poo as i just placed my order a few days ago...