Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Duxis Battlesuit vs Khanate Warlord - Sneak Peek

Legionary Ordo orders Warlord with Mars 20mm Cannon forward!
I just can't keep back my excitement! Its time for a sneek peek at an upcoming major 15mm release for the Ion Age.  Coming later this spring we will be massively upgunning the Shia Khan Empire with the next phase of our stated ambition of putting into 15mm every type from the 28mm range for them.  With Shia Khan Legion and Pioneers already out there among the stars we are just about ready with....Khanate Warlords!

Yes!  The hulking ogre slave troops of the Khanate Empire who give Retained Knights everywhere nightmares will be coming your way as modular miniatures.  Giant Humanoids that can swat away troops with ease before using big calibre weapons capable of destroying light vehicles.  Cast in white metal with a choice of several bodies, several heads and a good number of weapons giving up to seventy combinations for your collection.

Warlord and Legionary vs Duxis and Retained for scale
I will be following up nearer to release time with a concepting post on the Khanate Warlords as well as other information but for now I give you this sneak peek.  Now you know the horror that inspired the design of the Duxis Battlesuit to give Humanity a fighting chance against...the Warlords.

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