Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Arcticon 2018 Tournament Event for Patrol Angis as a download

There is nothing quite like the landing of a portable castle, Julian thought as the rumbling beneath his feet increased. Some meters below him, gigantic counter-thrusters were fighting against the gravity of Arcticonus Prime, slowing their descent from their orbital drop. This wasn’t his first time deploying from orbit, but this was the farthest he had ever been from his home system. Around him, strapped tightly into their drop harness’ were the men and women of the 32nd Prydian Muster Battalion, colloquially known as the “Bloody 32nd”. The unit patch was displayed on every shoulder he could see, and upon the door of their mobile barracks; a grim reaper with a bloody scythe, below that was the platoon’s motto “They’ll pay their due, to Thirty-two”. 

Julian leaned back as far as he could and closed his eyes. Sarge had gotten them though worse than this. A lot worse. This time though, the wouldn’t be alone. Noble Retained and Dysteria shared this portable castle with them along with a battalion of the revered Duxis Battlesuits. The thought if those mighty battle machines put him somewhat at ease as the rumbling began to lessen. The lights in the room suddenly went yellow; the castle had landed. The harnesses burst upwards, releasing the Muster from their restraints. Sarge called for weapons check, before hitting a button on the wall, giving Command the “ready” signal. Julian took a deep breath, “Here we go.” - Taken from the campaign for the Arcticonus System (as played at Arction 2018) 

It is my great delight to present to you some images and the free download from the Arcticon 2018 event in the United States where a Patrol Angis event was put on and greatly enjoyed. We sponsored this event and gave prizes to the winners. To tell you more here is Aris Kolehmainen with his account of the day and the PDF of the campaign for the tournament hosted on our website. We will return next week with our releases for this month. GBS 

Back in March of this year, I featured a Patrol: Angis demo and tournament at a local charity convention here in Indiana called ArctiCon. Along with getting a lot of positive interest from passers by, we had an awesome showing from our little growing Patrol Angis community. The tournament was simple: Three games with objective points, highest points at the end of the three games would be declared winner. Further, this particular tournament was designed with new players in mind, balanced in such a way that someone could viably compete with models from the starter kit alone. In agreement with the guys at The Ion Age you can now download the three page document by clicking HERE. You will need miniatures and of course your game books but that is all explained in the PDF. Have fun playing this year’s tournament rules! 

Game play from the day as players fought for control of Arcticonus Prime. Duxis Battlesuits stride the field! 

The winners of the day! Prizes were given out to the guys who are Dave Alsager (on the right) and Roger Rexroad (on the left). 

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  1. I definitely had a blast playing against my peers. The maps were gorgeous, the rules simple, and the objectives a pleasant (and tactically challenging) twist! My hat is on in the pic, but my hat is off to the event coordinator and the staff for producing and supplying such uniquely crafted and amazing 15mm miniatures. I look forward to battling everyone again next year! ~DA

    1. Thank you very much and here is to next year!