Monday 13 November 2017

Force Building and Playing in Patrol Angis an article by Aris Kolehmainen

It is my pleasure to present to IonFans a free five page article written by long time wargamer, player of Patrol Angis and a personal friend of mine Aris Kolehmainen.  Written from the point of view of a player this article gives you his take on formations and force selections in the game.  A very interesting read I think you will agree.  Enjoy and well done Aris!

Force Building and Playing in Patrol Angis
by Aris Kolehmainen
A five page free article which covers the options and choices open to players of Patrol Angis as they choose their force and its formation in play.  A focus upon the allocation of Troop Elements and then upon their fielding in battle is supported by three great images aiding you in force building.  The article covers Prydian and Baronial forces as well as Khanate and Prang plus Xin.  Click HERE to download the article from our website.  Go HERE for Patrol Angis.

Here are large versions of the three images featured in the article which are given here with permission for reproduction for your use.

We will have our new release and our Black Friday Event soon so watch out for news on those fronts.  You will get a real howl of pleasure this November!

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