Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Once more to Grapple a free Patrol Angis scenario to download

As foretold last week with the release of the brand new 15mm scale Shia Khan vehicles it is our delight to present to you a free stand alone scenario for Patrol Angis called 'Once more to Grapple' which takes place just after the story told in The Khanate Return book. It stars this month's free miniature along with Retained Knights against a highly mobile alien force. 

Click on the link below to download it from our dropbox account and to read some more about it plus some pictures taken of our own testing of the scenario. 

Once More to Grapple – Click HERE to download the scenario as a three page PDF. 
This scenario is a larger one with three platoons on each side and sees the Prydian Army under the command of the knight errant Briona Sullivan of the Barony of Messena trying to stop a Shia Khan infantry force in Manus APC's with Pugnus light tank support from breaking through. If they do then they will be in the side of the main Human positions that are facing into the Chivers Zone and the oncoming masses of the Styx Legion. The scenario includes background and set up along with recommended force compositions and special rules. There are also recommended miniatures and designers notes too. This large scenario requires the use of the three books in the range those being Patrol Angis, Callsign Taranis and The Khanate Return. You can get these in print or as digital download HERE

You can learn more about all of our releases for this month by going to this article HERE on our blog where you can learn about the Pugnus Light Tank and the Manus APC as well as IMP46 Female Knight Errant which is free in all June 2017 orders and our month long special offer on a pack of Retained Knight Errants at 25% off normal price. 

Here are the pictures taken from our play testing of the 'Once More to Grapple' scenario for you to enjoy. Click on them on the blog post here to make them larger.

We have no further releases but we will have another fun and free resource article for you next week. Thank you for your support of our little Ion Age. 

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