Thursday, 14 May 2015

Patrol Angis 15mm Science Fiction Rules Pre-Order Offers!

Go HERE.   15% Off Pre-Order Until June 1st 2015 Offer!

Wargame rules for use with 15mm miniatures and models from An enjoyable playing experience in a space opera setting unlike any other. Tactically challenging but not complex, these rules reward players for their playing and not by the use of endless charts, tables and over powered characters. Once familiar with the game rules, in a single hour you can play a full game with another person or several or on your own in solo play. The rules will not take long to learn and are suitable for wargamers of all ages from novice to veteran. They are fun and can be expanded into other titles in the series. 

Patrol Angis is a skirmish level of wargame which means it typically has between a dozen and about forty 15mm scale miniatures a side in play during a game. It works well with more but those amounts are ideal. Most games have one Platoon sized force per player and have one or two or maybe even three players. A Platoon or Lance which contains typically twenty two (22) miniatures. In Patrol Angis you play either as the Prydian Army in its quest to reclaim worlds lost to the Marcher Barons during the Civil War or you can play in the employ of Canlaster or Yordist or any of the other dozen smaller array of Marcher Barons. This includes playing as a “Conda”' or paid professional mercenary for any side. 

This is low intensity warfare title where troops mainly on foot, root each other out over small objectives. It’s not massive, not often glamorous, but it’s pure adventure, it’s the stuff of heroes and it’s skirmishing at its best! Easy to get into and to build upon. It’s the starting point for your wargaming in The Ion Age! 

In the book you will find the full skirmishing rules along with solo play, part one of the Prydian Civil War background, game tables and statistics, troops and armoury of the Civil War, the Dando II Campaign and three introductory scenarios set within it and an article on just what is The Ion Age. A lot to read in a packed sixty four pages! Go HERE

As well as a packed book you can purchase for wargaming we also offer Patrol Angis as a boxed set with two forces of miniatures to get you started and to play out the starter scenarios. Here is what is contained in the Game Pack and if you take the time to total it up compared to retail price you will see its a deal before any other offers are added. 

Lance 1 (Prydian Army) 
IAF001 Retained Post Alpha (10) 
IAF002 Retained Post Beta (10) 
IAF005 Balthazar and Jermone (2) 
(Unique Knight Errant with Pistol) 

Lance 2 (League of Yordan) 
IAF016 Retained Post Delta (10) 
IAF030D Duxis Battlesuit (Moth 88) (1) 
IAF030E Duxis Battlesuit (Valerin) (1) 
IAF030H Duxis Battlesuit (Angis) (1) 
IAF046A Espaten Platform (Moth Long barrel) (1) 
IAF066 Grav Platform Propulsion Unit (1) 
IAF055 Retained Espaten Crew (2) 

The miniatures in the game pack are all supplied with our round resin bases as used in all our photographs of miniatures. Extra Value! 

You have the choice of purchasing the book or the game pack or the game pack pro-painted and based by the Alternative Armies staff. In all cases you will automatically receive for free the unique Patrol Angis miniature. A Retained Knight Errant! Worth 0.60GBP it is supplied with the book or the game pack and if purchased painted it will also be painted and based. Go HERE

We are running a pre-order offer. Early Supporters of this new game can place their orders for it at 15% off release price on the book and the game pack options. This offer runs from today until about 9am GMT on June 1st 2015 when the month switches over for us and the new monthly free miniature appears. All orders containing Patrol Angis codes will ship from 1st June worldwide. 

Remember not only will you get Reward Points (if you have Reward Points by all means use them to save more on this offer!) with your account for an order but you will also automatically get IMP021 Planetary Militia Drill Sergeant (worth 0.60GBP) which is May 2015's free miniature as well! Plus the unique Patrol Angis miniature as well. Go HERE

All orders not containing these pre-order items will ship worldwide as normal. Please note we will have no further releases in May only this offer. 
Free Files Coming Soon!
There are more materials coming for Patrol Angis for free. A folder of free PDF files to download that contains not only an additional starter scenario to those in the book but also counters to print out and a quick reference sheet. Bonus fun! More on this soon. 

Calling Patrol Angis Playtesters! 
Lastly there are sixteen named playtesters in the book and as per our agreement during playtesting in 2013 (yes that long ago!) every one of these wargamers is entitled to rewards. On top of your names being in print in the book you get free stuff! When you place your order for the book or game set you will get the offers as everyone else does but at that point email me on info(at) with your order number and items will be added to your order for free. I will inform you of what they are by reply email. Excellent! 

I know its been a long wait for this title but its worth it and it marks the full fledge launch of my own dream of space opera wargaming.  A cloud lifted from my brow as it were. There is a lot more to come. Thank you in advance for your orders and for your support. We all appreciate it. 

Thanks for Reading. 



  1. Great stuff and early supporter pre-order already in :-)

    1. Our thanks Blaxkleric! Its very encouraging to a fifth of the print run sold within a few hours of launch. Patrol Angis is a great read and rules and excellent value. Glad wargamers are liking it. GBS

  2. This looks very promising but i have a couple of questions before i place an order, #1 what are the size of the pages in the Patrol Angis book A4? #2 have you added some sort of color scheme guide or reference material for the other retained knights and the Marcher Baron forces?

    1. Hello Zac. Thanks for taking the time to make your comments. The book is A5, 64pp. It contains a lot of material including reference to the Prydian Army and the prime two Marcher Baron factions. Uniform colours are described in the book and shown in colour on the rear cover. There will be more information and images added to this blog and the website showing uniforms and large images in colour too. Thanks. GBS

  3. Great work - cant wait for it to arrive in June.


    1. Thanks Jacko. Not long to wait, a couple of weeks or so.


  4. Didn't even wait for the email to hit my inbox. I checked the blog yesterday morning, saw it was up and ordered.

    A couple of weeks will give me time to make a dent in my current Ion Age pile.

    When do we get to see the Shia Khan? I am looking forward to teh civil war, but the Khanate are my favorites.

    1. Thanks Dave. I was very humbled by just how many orders came in before the media campaign went out. Seems many were just watching the blog and the Early Supporter page. Indeed two short weeks to paint up and get ready for the fun.

      On the last page of the book is a short article on where we are going. The next title is Callsign Taranis and then Khanate Return however in the meantime once the book is released we will be publishing 'tester' stats for Khanate forces and Planetary Militia for free for those who have Patrol Angis to make use of until the books catch up.