Thursday, 19 June 2014

Adder Combat Car Bundles Shipping now!

The current Early Support Offer ends at noon today but we have already begun packing and prepping for shipping those orders for the Adder Bundle that are with us.  Partly this is due to our insane devotion to you our fans but also because there is little or no office work happening due to the total website upgrade for our big brother brand Alternative Armies.  Its been a nice and rewarding offer which sees us getting into 15mm science fiction vehicles.

A wee picture to show you the first four boxes of Adder Wheeled Combat Cars and Smashed Adders before the turrets and free miniatures are added and packed up.  After I put up a picture like this at the end of the Havelock Battlesuit ESO I have been asked to do it again.  Enjoy.

Another ESO will be happening next month...what will it be....wait and see!


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