Monday, 28 October 2013

1000 Views on an Ion Age Blog Post...Thank You!

Just a quick note to thank you all for 1000 and still climbing views and reads of our release post from last week.  It means a lot to us here that so many of you are enjoying and following what The Ion Age is doing.

15mm Female Retained Knights and our first Poster Print struck a cord with science fiction wargamers from across the world.  Its really positive to me that it did because The Ion Age is aiming to be a unique brand and encompasses a space opera setting unlike any other with a cracking range of miniatures to match.  No grim darkness and uber hate here thank you very much.

Sam Croes was so happy about this he penned the above sketch.  This Female Retained Knight has a banner to show her joy.  Perhaps we will use it again in the future for our next 1000 view post.

Oh and all of you who snapped up the IAF016 Retained Post Delta miniatures and the Ylona poster print...all the orders are in the mail as of today!



  1. Congratulations on the number of views matey.


    1. Hello Mark,

      Thanks! Its already out of date now though, it climbs ever higher.