Monday, 13 February 2017

Patrol Angis book and rules reviewed in depth by Ian at Just Play website

There is a new review of the core 15mm rule set at The Ion Age namely Patrol Angis.  The review is in depth and independent which is the best kind of review (at least to me!).  It looks at the book itself along with the setting, the mechanics of the game and a number of other angles which Ian, who wrote the review, found interesting.  It is located HERE on the Just Play website which has a lot to offer upon its pages.  Enjoy!

I enjoyed the review.  I often find it odd reading reviews of my own work but Ian has a lovely style and really captured what I was thinking during the process of creating Patrol Angis.  You can find the book as well as its sequel Callsign Taranis and its excellent value starter box set on the website HERE.

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