Wednesday 13 January 2016

The Prang Raiders

“All right settle down.  Settle down, in the back there sit down and listen.  We have about sixteen hours before the incoming starships reach Faercyle II and orbit and I want all of you to hear this.  The civilian networks are closed down and our own comms are running silent to keep our numbers as vague as possible for their alien bastards.  So in person it is.  As you know 202nd Regiment will be acting in co-ordination with the local PM regiments and we have members of their forces at all briefings.  Lets go over what we know.  Or at least what the High Command sees fit to tell us.

This information is from the Reord aboard the 'Kildare'.  Yes, a Reord, settle down.  The 'lady of light' tells us these aliens call themselves 'Prang' and that they are humanoid but rather different from us.  Air breathers and much stronger than we are.  Closest thing to what we know would be an amphibian with the build of a great ape but with no hair and these weird fronds or growths around the mouth and chin.  Vidcasts from the last raid these things carried out shows us they are slower on their feet than a Human but tougher.  A whole burst of 9mm penetrated the ceramics on one of them and it just staggered and then carried on shooting.

The Reord has also examined weapons and armour that belong to the Prang and while it will take bigger minds than we have back on New Glastonbury to dismantle it all we do know the following.  Prang wear a harness over a body suit upon which they mount ceramic plates sometimes in layers.  These plates are rigid and very light for their size.  No idea how they make them but test show that they can stand up to as much punishment as MkIV Aketon Armour meaning we will need to get close for some of the coming fight.  In terms of weapons they favour energy weapons, blasters, for the majority of troopers while those in support carry large calibre auto-cannons as well as heavy blasters.  Blasters contain a plasmatic charge that burns upon contact.  They also make use of sonic weaponry and focused electrical discharges too.  They use swords as well.  Not powered rather vibrating blades.  Yes, not something seen in the Precinct in centuries but they are still lethal.

Prang Raiders seem to operate in fire-teams of five with teams designated to support roles and specialist roles too.  They have ranks and like us those who lead often can be seen with insignia or other devices they make them out as commanders.  The lady of light could not say for certain who led them but several words came up in lexicon translations including Progea which we take to be a planet, perhaps their home system and Sherag which must mean an advisor or some such but we have not seen this creature as yet.  We think these raiders are from a stellar cluster beyond the edge of the Prydian Precinct.

So that's it ladies and gentlemen.  All we have to go on.  Its evident that these Prang wish to land and take off what they can carry. Fleet is going to let them land and spring a trap; see if we can capture a few.  Our effort will be focused on Ismere this city and the starport which being the only developed and fully habitable zone on  Faercyle II is where most of the people and goods are.  The bulk of this place is standard Seorc Compono Guild domes and modules and the whole zone is heated from subsoil by the main reactors in this complex.  The fighting will be done here as its too bloody cold anywhere else without full suits.  Its chilly out there all the same so watch yourselves and we have artillery support and Skylark flights to call upon if needed. Now get back to your platoons. Dismissed!”

Sergeant William Harris, Present at a briefing for the 202nd Muster Regiment, 
Ismere Starport, Faercyle II.  4326IC

On the 21st of January there will be a new alien race added to the miniature range in 15mm scale at The Ion Age...the Prang!  Created and sculpted by Eli Arndt (the fine fellow behind Loud Ninja Games and many SHM miniatures at our sister website this alien race has now graduated to exist in its own developing right.  We will be beginning with a re-issue of all the existing Prang plus quite a few new poses.  These are the Prang Raiders an allied and same species but separate entity to the Prang Army which will be seen later in 2016.  The Prang Raiders will have several codes plus a platoon pack too enough to build an entire force.

You can visit their page on our website HERE.

Above is an image of all of the Prang Raiders and as with all other codes on The Ion Age website they are given as a pack, three packs with a 10% saving and choice of single poses all from a drop down menu on the product page.  Plus you get Reward Points on your account and the monthly IMP special miniature free and included automatically.  The release article will give full information and lots more images too.

The Prang are promising to be a valuable part of the growing lore of the Prydian Precinct and their Raiders are just the leading edge of the adventure.

There is a fiction snippet on our blog in a post about the January free miniature IMP29 Planetary Militia Cold Climes Sergeant that also concerns the Prang and it can be seen HERE.  Enjoy!

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