Monday 23 November 2015

Free Shipping Worldwide and Offers this Black Friday Weekend!

This message is being put out across all of our brands, blogs, websites and email listings. Alternative Armies, and The Ion Age will be making a brilliant Black Friday Weekend set of offers at the end of this week. From Friday 27th through to the end of St Andrews Day Monday 30th November 2015 we will be offering free worldwide shipping on all orders on all websites (and by email if you want to combine up your order across our brands) on every order over 10.00GBP product value. The cart will automatically give you free domestic, international, courier shipping depending on your location and order size and all you need to do is put items in the cart of proceed to checkout. 

On top of this we have special offers on the websites for the weekend which differ for each website. For example Hab Domes are half price and a free miniature and reward points for The Ion Age. has brand new Loud Ninja Games releases and offers on them plus bundle deals on vehicles and fantasy. Alternative Armies is giving discounts on all Albion Orc cavalry units and characters and also the whole OH High Fantasy range will be released with multitude bundles and more! 

On Friday 27th visit or or or email us on with your proposed combined order and we will send you a paypal invoice by reply. Offers will end when we switch to December on the 1st of next month at some point GMT in the morning of the 1st December. 

So what is happening before the big deal weekend? 

Here at The Ion Age we are delighted to be working with our sister brands and we will have a couple of blog posts about the Early Supporters Offers next month for you to look at and to read before Friday. Check back on the blog to see them. 

Thanks for Reading,