Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Photos from the Shia Khan Empire PDF full size

Thank to everyone who has downloaded the free seventeen page PDF on using our 15mm Shia Khan miniatures in the Patrol Angis rules system.  Go along to our website to download it and other free files for Patrol Angis. If you want to see the miniatures visit the Shia Khan Empire page. Enjoy!

I have had a fair number of emails and pings from IonFans over the last month thanking me for taking the time to not only make up this big PDF but to give it away free.  I am happy to have done so. There was also a desire to see the images from the PDF in full.  These images were taken during our own internal playtesting of the rules and stats in the PDF.  I am happy to oblige and present to you all of the photos with a short caption under each telling what is happening.  Please not this is not an After Action Report (AAR) and that the images were all taken at one time and not during play. We just had a fantastic afternoon with our beloved figures.

Prydian Knight Errants and Pistoleers face up to Shia Khan Pioneers 
Close up of the same scene
Pioneers armed with Flora Grenade Guns atop a rocky outcrop
Heavily armour Nox troopers with Jupiter 46mm Plasma Rifles
Nox with Jupiter and also Janus Blast Guns...big and mean!
Two Demi's of Retained Knights take a stand against superior Nox attack
A dead Malig at the feet of IAF063 Arachne and Giliam
Malig space Goblins armed with Juno Rifles
Malig support Tesseran armed with Apollo 40kw Atomic Destabilisers
Malig assault grenadier Tesseran advances!
The biggest humanoid infantry known...Warlords on the assault!
Prydian heavy Desteria Knights prepare to face mighty Warlords
Canthus Monocycles break for the open to escape Knight Errants
Shia Khan Legionary support Tesseran
Legionaries advance upon the Prydian gun line
From atop the tower...we spit at thee!
Casualties on both sides as Legionaries armed with Juno Laser Rifles look on
The same scene from the opposite side view.  A shattered Hab Dome provides cover
Protecting the outpost a gun line of Retained Knights and their 12.5mm Angis Rifles
Legionaries for the close in work armed with Maia Mpi's
Close in look at the grenadier Maligs...crazy cannon fodder!
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