Thursday 1 March 2018

Arcticon this weekend and March 2018 at The Ion Age

The month of the spring offensive is here at The Ion Age and it will be a bumper month of space opera wargaming fun with us.  We have some news for you beginning with a convention we are involved with happening this weekend in the USA and then a month long offer saving 25% off one of our popular packs and lastly an outline of what you can expect from us during March.  Plus remember you can playtest Starvaulters (HERE) for Patrol Angis now by getting the free download.  Lets get started!

“ArctiCon is a local Northwest Indiana charity gaming and pop culture convention. We work to build community in a family friendly safe environment at a reasonable cost to raise funds to support veterans and our community. We hope to see you at our premier con and other supported events throughout the year!  ArctiCon 2018 opens at 8am at St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church - Merrillville, Indiana on Saturday, 03. March 2018 ending 22.00pm.  See this page for location details and on Facebook HERE for the event.”

There will be an all day Ion Age event at Arcticon playing Patrol Angis.  Organised by Ben Starkey and Aris Kolehmainen you are welcome to come along and have a play plus there will be prizes and give away miniatures arranged in conjunction with us here in Scotland.  It is a shame we cannot attend but since all the airports in Scotland are currently closed and we are arm pit deep in mold making we just can't!  If you attend please go along to the Alternative Armies Tabletop Wargaming Group on Facebook and post up your Ion Age related thoughts and pictures from the day.  We would love to see them.

I was treated to a first look at the Standee for Arcticon and you can see it above.  Lovely looking artwork of the Chard Company in the Prydian Precinct.  Arcticon promises to be a top notch 15mm scale science fiction and more convention so if you can get to Merrillville Indiana this Saturday check it out.

All this month we have a 25% off normal price offer for you.  It is a mecha good offer on the IAF128 Afara Strider on all three variants of this light class war walker.  Easy to assemble with a degree of pose of its resin parts the Afara stands 55mm tall when built.  Read all about it HERE.  Rules for the Afara are in Callsign Taranis the expansion to Patrol Angis which you can fine HERE in print or as a digital download.  Offer ends 1st April 2018.  Thanks.

March 2018 will see a major new release at The Ion Age as well as a mega free scenario by Vic Dobson for the second Khanate War.  All of these new releases will occur along with an Early Supporter Offer on 9th March lasting two weeks.  While details of the new releases will occur at the time I know you will be keen to get a clue as to what they will be.  Well some IonFans have contacted us pointing out that the Mullo AFV our six wheeled medium vehicle is not on the website...that is because it is being replaced this month!  Yes a 2.0 version.  A new Mullo Armoured Fighting Vehicle will be released in kit form with three different propulsion methods and an APC option too giving your Retained Knights and Muster transport against the Barons and the Shia Khan. Not long to wait.

Thank you as always for your support with our little space opera brand.  We work hard and we make quality miniatures to continue to expand this sci-fi universe that you all so enjoy.


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