Friday 20 October 2017

On Offer the Steornede Battlesuit

All this month at The Ion Age our twenty percent off deal is on a Battlesuit in 15mm scale.  It ain't glamour like the Duxis, it ain't the hitter like the Havelock or the burly in the Jade Ape but it is the stable weapons platform that gives the Planetary Militia ass kicking ability!  IAF072 Steornede Battlesuit is a three piece resin and white metal infantry sized vehicle designed by Sam Croes with a choice of two load outs.  Click through to see it HERE or read on for a tale of adventure and some pictures from Faercycle II.

Losing your brother is always hard even for those who choose to stop calling them brother.  Even for those who cease to speak to their kin there is always a part of them in that brother which dies when they do.  Major Jiodine Kimball of the 37th Planetary Defence Regiment of Faercycle II had learned of his younger sibling's demise on Camarthen Prime years earlier but now in this moment it was painful in the extreme once more.  Frederick had died at the controls of his battlesuit in the streets of doomed Pelcan City as the Shia Khan Empire over ran the last cordons of defence.  He had died protecting civilians as they had fled for the last transports off the planet.  Jiodine had gotten closure, unlike many others, since his brother had managed to send a comms package; boosting it with what power had remained to his Steornede, his 'Beth'.  The package had been received by the main array on the Warlock, the Segurant class battlecruiser that was fighting for its own life above nearby Fantara space port.  Eventually it had reached Jiodine through the channels which spun out throughout the stellar cluster in the months at followed.  A short text only message and one still pict-capture.  Frederick's smiling face, a forced smile no doubt, but there none the less.  Behind him the control surfaces of Beth were a blaze of red and amber warnings and partially melted alloy from laser strikes.  The text included was short and must have been dictated in the instant of the photo.

“Jiodine.  Jiodine.  Tor, I hope this reaches you.  I can only hope.  The city has fallen and I'm not gonna make it.  PC119STR, Beth, its done.  Had it.  Legs are fused and one arm is gone.  I think I have burns to my legs too.  Bit foggy.  Nearly out of rounds and the foe is everywhere.  Everywhere.  I wanted to tell you.  Beth, the real Beth not this can.  She left me.  A year back, I never told you.  Sorry.  I sent the ring back to you.  Mother's ring.  It left here two months ago, should be safe.  If she makes it out, if you see her...tell her...tell her I did all I could.  Jiodine...I love you brother.”

Jiodine reached up, taking his hand off the controls for the Steornede which he was piloting, touching the photo which was affixed to the inside armour of the battlesuit. IP203STR 'Bean Bag' his battlesuit was in motion its thumping steps taking it towards the enemy now.  He had the words memorised.  Beth.  The real Beth had never been found and he had he had looked.  She was dead.  Of that Major Kimball was sure.  Most likely she had been dead when Frederick had sent the message but he would never know.  His brother was dead and his world was a charred husk now and site of the largest battles seen in decades.  Here on Faercycle II the enemy was limited by their downed Dragon Ships.  No endless legions from a Matter Gateway.  His attention was brought back to the present by the sharp cracks of Bodkin rounds zipping past Bean Bag and icons appeared on his display showing Khanate troops starting a headlong run towards the 37th and its strung out line.

Bean Bag.  Funny name for a gun rig like a Steornede.  He had earned it though.  This was his second battlesuit.  The first had been destroyed around him and he had walked away with barely a scratch by some miracle.  Torn and blackened it had toppled and bounced down a scree slope the internal space had filled with gravel and when he had been released from the suit the stone had spilled out everywhere.  Bean Bag.  He kind of liked it really.  Make those under him laugh when they heard it.  They would need a laugh by the time they took this alien starship; wrestled it from the Khanate.  Burned them out.

The first small arms fire began to hit his Steornede and he flicked his weapons to armed and active.  Targets were picked out by the onboard computer, calibrated and he pressed the studs that launched a hail of Anda 60mm missiles from his two arm pods.  Maligs were blasted apart in bloody ruin and a Warlord roared as it pitched forward its upper legs smashed.  Jiodine was in the fight now and troopers were hunched down behind Bean Bag's legs at it thumped forwards.  He fired again and the ammo counters spiralled down.  He was sweating now, the heat in the cramped pilots space building with each fiery release of missiles.  Around his neck on a golden chain over his breastbone was a ring which shuddered with every step his augmented legs took.
Major Jiodine Kimball, Invader Delta site, Faercycle II, 4338IC 

A desperate last stand around a Steornede Battlesuit sees a group of IAFP11 Cold Climes Planetary Militia readying themselves for the end in front of a IAF015I Cratered Hab Dome.  A pair of Steornede Battlesuits armed with long barrel Moth 88's and Anda Missile Pods  move around the side of a Tohlic Crawler while two Militia confer upon a course of action.  Defend the banner!  The Steornede's stand sentinel guard among the corpses of Militia and Khanate alike (Legionaries from IAF123 Legionary Command Tesseran).  Two worlds collide in front of an IAF015 Hab Dome as a Steornede Battlesuit and Cold Climes with Moth Rifle meet the advance of an IAF018 Legionary Officer and an IAF039 Khanate Warlord.

If you like the look of this month's special then have a gander at Patrol Angis for skirmish warfare and The Khanate Return where you can learn all about the Planetary Defence Forces and their use of the Steornede Battlesuit.

Enjoy the special offer and remember that when you order from us you set up an account with the website.  Not for emails but rather that you may get the Reward Points which each order earns that you can trade in later for discounts and free things.  You get 100 Points as a free welcome bonus!  Extra value from The Ion Age.  Go to the front page of the website and click on the orange box.

In other news the three Early Supporter Offers on the hulking IAF146 Tohlic Armoured Crawler are live until 30th October so that is ideal to pair up with your Cold Climes Militia and or your Steornede Battlesuits too.  Go HERE for the offers.

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