Saturday, 1 July 2017

IMP47 Bin Bot free for all July 2017 and Happy Burger Bot pack

On more Worlds than the Arks ever saw! Its so good you will wear out your jaw! 
Its the taste that gives you the finest feeling! 
Stop on by for a Smile and some good taste meal eating! 
We love to fill you up so...look no further than Happy Burger! 

In the Prydian Precinct there are guilds which span whole worlds and while most of these are governmental and financial as well as military there are others which are devoted to a purely commercial end. As the Ancep Drive began to spread the news of the Code Gallant and the glue that would bind the worlds of the precinct to New Glastonbury and the Tor another idea travelled with these pioneers. From New Glastonbury a cook and former soldier Jedard Eackson took his idea of a take away eating house that would cater to those on a modest income who wanted taste more than the nutrition of a basic diet. Happy Burger was birthed on this notion and on every world, colony, settlement, asteroid any and all meat and other protein based animals of any kind allowable were turned into patties and then blasted with super strong spices. This gave a universal taste. A Happy Burger meal is the same everywhere. By the time of his death Eackson at the ripe old age of one hundred and sixty had introduced robotic staff into his eating houses mainly due to the high turnover of Human staff whose noses could only take so much. Happy Burger Bots are pre-programmed to be cooks, waiters and more. As the Prydian Civil War has spread many outlets of Happy Burger have been abandoned but their bot staff continue with their tasks attempting to serve empty meal boxes to passing League and Prydian Army soldiers. 
Academy Auto-Trainer Series 61, New Glastonbury, 4337IC 

Welcome to June 2017 and to The Ion Age as the journey continues. This month we have a forth bot to add to the awesome Happy Burger franchise as our free monthly miniature! We have updated the Happy Burger figure pack to add in this new bot. We have some alien releases this month which will make fans of Eli Arndt's work very happy indeed. This month our special offer is 25% off the central rifle pack of Xin Trade Fleet soldiers and we will have updated free booklets for the Prang and for the Xin. So releases and new resources and beginning with a trash can with a difference.

IMP47 Happy Burger Bin Bot
Free in every order every time all month. This miniature is automatically put into every order at the rate of one per order regardless of order value. It can also be bought in any amount on the monthly IMP page of the website for this month only too before being withdrawn on the first of next month. You can see the Year Three Collection on the website. The Year Four Collection will be released in August and will mark the end of the monthly free programme at that time; there will be no more monthly miniatures after August 2017. Standing 10mm tall the Bin Bot is a functional robot created for collecting waste from the food stations of Happy Burger. It joins the waiter, vending and entertainment bots. There is a near complete page on the Ion Age website where the current and all former IMP series free miniatures are shown so that you can see what came before. This miniature is worth 0.60GBP. 

This month we have 25% off the great pack IAF113 Xin Trade Fleet Rifles. This offer ends on 1st August. Just add to cart and it is the pack plus single poses from it to which the discount has been applied. Check out all of the Xin Trade Fleet on their page HERE

IMPS01 Happy Burger Bots 
Featuring in the fiction of The Ion Age and in the IMP monthly series of miniatures we have now expanded to include all four different bots in this special pack. Get the Happy Burger Bot, the Vending Bot, the Entertainer (creepy...) Bot and the Bin Bot all in one pack. You can purchase the pack or singles from it on the drop down menu of options. Good for any 15mm near future, post apoc or space opera setting. Go HERE

Remember we also have poster prints and among them is the lovely promotional A3 poster for the Happy Burger Chain of the far future.  HERE.

We ask you to sign up for a website account with us on your first order. Why? For one reason only. Not to send you emails (we never will. If you want our emails sign up for our Mailchimp list on the right top of the blog home page) or to pester you; but only to keep track of the Reward Points that all orders with us earn. Reward Points through our online partner Sloyalty which can be used once accumulated to get discounts or free stuff at any point in the future. Learn more about this HERE. Every order earns Reward Points! Yes free extra value. Part of our promise to keep the fun in wargaming. Reward Points will remain once the monthly free IMP miniature sequence ends with IMP48 in August. 

Thanks for your support and for enjoying The Ion Age! 



  1. An end of an era, I must say, I will be sad to see it go.

    1. Thank you Gary. But do not take it as a loss. Next month I will explain what is happening. Miniatures will very much continue. Four years and 48 free. It is a hell of an achievement and I am very proud of it.