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IAF127 Malig Space Goblin Orba Bike 15mm set released!

The Maligs are the most numerous and the most vermin like foes which the Khanate Empire have fielded against us.  Unlike the heavily armoured Nox or well trained Pioneers the Maligs are deemed extremely expendable by their masters.  Given little training and often virtually no instruction in the use of their weapons and equipment Maligs are ranked low on the threat scale by our troops.  They are however not harmless or to be taken lightly and have proven very tough to dig out of urban areas once infesting by them.  Maligs focus on close range attacks where they can making great use of their smaller size and paucity of protection.  This leads to Planetary Militia formations suffering heavier casualties than expected; without Muster bolstering.  The exception to this are the vehicles of the Maligs which are avoided by any other Khanate client race.  The unpredictable and dangerous Infernus ball tank which can spread fire and destruction among our forces and the Orba bike.  The Orba is a studded sphere fitted with a saddle for a Space Goblin rider.  Observations in combat have testified to the rough construction of the Orba and its erratic travel much like its larger cousin the Infernus.  Most Orba's are fitted with a fixed front mounted Hydra Laser Shotgun operated with handlebar sited firing studs.  It does not seem that any bike is possessed by a certain Malig as they squabble and contest ownership each time they enter combat.  This works in our favour as the Orba is little match for the grav bikes of the Retained.
Academy Auto-Trainer Series 17, New Glastonbury, 4332IC

Our new miniature code for this month is the crazy Malig Orba Bike set.  That is the one Malig ball bike which is a scaled down vision of their other insane creation the Infernus Ball Tank.  This new pack fits right in with the 15mm Shia Khan Empire codes in our range as we build towards the next expansion book for Patrol Angis which will feature rules for this new bike in play.  We have Malig infantry and now they have not only the tank but also this bike too.  Go HERE or read on for more.

IAF127 Malig Orba Bike Set
This code contains three white metal 15mm scale miniatures.  These are an Orba bike with Space Goblin rider, an Orba Bike on its own and lastly a Malig rider on foot allowing you full choice on the gaming table.  The Orba is a ball bike with a saddle.  It is supplied with a separate weapon to be mounted on its front.  This weapon is a Hydra Laser Shotgun for close in attack.  A Malig stands about 12mm tall and in Patrol Angis they are mounted on 20mm round bases while all Bikes are mounted on a 30mm round base.  You can choose from a pack or three packs with a 10% saving or select poses from the pack to tailor make your choices.  This bike goes with the Malig Infantry in the range as well as with Legionaries, Pioneers and Nox.  Go HERE.  5.00GBP per pack.

Here above are some more pictures of this new bike closer in to the miniatures.  Then two scenic shots which show other codes for scale including IAF046 Infernus Ball Tank, IAF047 Malig Juno Rifles, IAF064A Hab Geo Shelter and IAF072 Steornade Battlesuit.  Cool!

We have many other miniatures in this part of the range which you can find by clicking HERE for their part of our website.  These include a platoon pack with unique miniature (a female Malig wielding a frying pan) of Maligs for an instant force with a saving as well as packs of Malig Infantry. We also have Malig special characters in our 'Year Collections' which you can see and select HERE. Go for IMP31 Padraig O'Malig (March 2016) in Year Three, IMP22 Malig Campaigner (June 2015) and IMP10 Malig Tank Ace (June 2014) in Year One; just select them from the drop down single figure menu on each collection.  You will also want to have a look at the madness that is the Infernus Ball Tank which is a rolling death machine with flame throwers crewed by Maligs; see it HERE.  All great for any Space Goblin 15mm force.

Information Burst
We have one miniature release this month and we hope you like the Orba...its mental!   We will also have a new poster next week and it is one which has been requested so many times from us...a star map of the Prydian Precinct of huge level of detail and set in 4330 IC at the height of the civil war. Deserving of a place on your wall no doubt.  Here is a wee small peek at it!

Lastly we have a new month long special offer...this time it is on the super heavy hitter of the Desteria Knights with 50% off the list price of IAF013 Murdo and Gulaine who go great with Baron MacCauld.  Remember you also make a saving and get a special additional free miniature in the IAFP03 Desteria Lance platoon pack. Click on the links to learn more. 

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  1. With the release of the Orba Bike will you be releasing a set of large Desteria & Retained shaped skittles, so the riders can practice their human bowling?

    1. That is some imagination you have my friend! Skittles...sounds like a limited edition set for sure.