Thursday, 16 June 2016

Books now in! Last chance to pre-order Callsign Taranis is this weekend

The print runs of the two brand new books have arrived here in their boxes at Alternative Armies and have now been given to The Ion Age! As you can see the two books, Callsign Taranis and Patrol Angis (in its new A4 format and new cover) are looking superb! Printed here in Scotland using high quality paper and inks they are as lovely to look at as they are to read.

While we begin to pack up the pre-orders for the books which have already been placed there is still time to place your Early Supporter order for one or both with a 15% saving and extra free Reward Points if you take both of them. Read all about the offers HERE or go straight to the 15mm Publications page of the website HERE. Offers end Monday 20th June.

I am really happy with how these books have turned out and I want to thank all those involved and those who supported us and indeed myself in my on going space opera dream of wargaming. Here are four example pages from Callsign Taranis to look at. Click on them to make them larger on the blog page: 

Remember that as well as Reward Points for all purchases added to your Account with us (the only thing we use accounts for, you will never get email or anything else from your account only Reward Points) you also get the monthly special promotional miniature free automatically in the package. 

This month it is IMP34 Happy Burger Clownbot which is awesome and creepy at the same time. Read more about this miniature on our blog HERE or see the current monthly HERE where you can also purchase extra of the miniature if you wish. So please make your pre-order this weekend as the offers end on Monday of next week. We will then begin shipping out orders containing the new books to all customers all over the globe. 

If you have questions or just want to chat about The Ion Age comment on the blog or email us on I am always happy to talk to those who love sci-fi wargaming as much as I do. 

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