Wednesday, 2 December 2015

IAF103 Taranis Repulsar Tank Early Supporter Offers now live!

The day is here!  From now until Thursday 10th December 2015 we will have the IAF103 Taranis Repulsar Tanks (Five Variants) 15mm scale as Early Supporter Offers.  Every order gets the monthly miniature (IMP28) free included and all orders containing one or more IAF103 codes are shipped from 11th December 2015 onwards worldwide!  All of our releases and offers for the month are now online.

Three different levels of ESO to choose from.  A single tank saving 5% off release price with a free pack of five IAF082 Taranis Repulsar Drones worth 5.00GBP.  Three of the same tank saving 10% off each and each with a free pack of five drones (15 drones total).  Lastly the battalion offer with five different tanks saving 15% off each and with five packs of five drones free!  Click on each of the offers for full details and links to our blog articles with a lot more information and images of this mighty beast of a 15mm tank designed by industry legend Bob Naismith! Remember you can use your built up Reward Points for extra discount too. Go HERE.

Early Supporter Offer Number One - HERE
Get 5% off the 20.00GBP release price of a single Taranis Repulsar Tank.  Choose from the five different variants.  You get a free pack of five repulsar drones with every tank.  Retail Price: 25.00GBP Offer Price 19.00GBP.

Early Supporter Offer Number Two - HERE
Get 10% off the 60.00GBP release price of a three of the same Taranis Repulsar Tank.  Choose from the five different variants.  You get a three free packs of five repulsar drones with your three tanks.  Retail Price: 75.00GBP Offer Price 54.00GBP.

Early Supporter Offer Number Three – Battalion - HERE
Get 15% off the 100.00GBP release price of all five different Taranis Repulsar Tanks. You get five free packs of five repulsar drones with your tanks.  Retail Price: 125.00GBP Offer Price 85.00GBP.

(Due to popular asking this third offer now has a second tier...15 Tanks, 75 Drones with a 25% saving off three bundles)

There are several articles on our blog that tell you and show you much more about IAF103 and IAF082 that we could possibly fit here or on our website.  Click on the links that interest you and see every tank painted, in action, scale shots, unassembled kits and dimensions, concept art, fiction in The Ion Age and more!

To see all the posts click on this link which takes you to the Taranis 'tab' on the blog HERE.

Lastly we have at present FIFTEEN other Taranis Tanks on general release.  These are five different tracked tanks, five different wheeled tanks and five different lifter (hover) tanks too.  We also have Taranis Running Drones on general release too.  You can add these to your order and remember if you go over 80.00GBP, after any discounts are applied, you will get free worldwide shipping plus of course your Reward Points and monthly miniature too.  Go HERE.

As usual all orders get the monthly free miniature which is now IMP28 Missiletoe Claus as it is the festive month!  You also get and can use your Reward Points on all orders.

Thank you for your time, for your custom, for your support and most of all for choosing The Ion Age.



  1. Should the nice looking free figure be named: Miss Lee-To Klaus?

    1. Well said. I actually was thinking on a variant of that but went for Missiletoe Claus as it was more combat. Perhaps next year eh. Thanks for your orders and support too MMG.