Wednesday, 25 November 2015

IAF103 Taranis Repulsar Tanks Comparison and Scale Photos

The Early Supporter Offers will be coming after we take part in the big Black Friday and St Andrews Day four day weekend event at the end of November and we have put up three previous articles all about the IAF103 Taranis Repulsar Tanks and the coming ESO's which will go live on 2nd December 2015.  

You can read those on our blog with an outline of the offers, parts and assembled, information burst and repulsar drones free by looking back over the last week.   This article presents to you a series of scale photographs showing Taranis alongside other items from our 15mm range that are in your wargame collection including its other types of propulsion.  Each photograph has a caption that tells you more.

The Repulsar, Tracked, Lifter and Wheeled types of Taranis MBT's!
Top Down view of sizing of the four types.
IAF103A Taranis MBT with cratered Hab Dome and two Sternode Battlesuits
IAF103B Taranis MBT facing off against the Khanate!
Smashed Adder Combat Car and Desteria Knights
Top down view showing sizes of large infantry next to Taranis
IAF103C Taranis MBT rounds up Yordan Retained Knights
IAF103D Tarais MBT with Planetary Militia at Outpost
Sizing compared to Infantry, Mullo, Colobreta and Command Dome
IAF103E Taranis APC being used by Planetary Militia at the river edge
Sure I can fix it!  Drones protect a damaged Taranis APC
Its a pretty lethal and damn pretty looking big vehicle!  Bob Naismith has done a fantastic job on bringing my idea of what a futuristic science fiction space opera Human anti-gravity tank would look like into a resin reality.  Go to the Early Supporter Page on 2nd December or 15mm Prydian Vehicles page after the event.

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