Sunday, 30 November 2014

Corbal Deployable Hardpoint Mobile by Allison M

Back in September 2014 I saw something online that make me laugh out loud and that was blogger and hobbyist Allison M's take on the IAF041 Corbal Deployable Hardpoint and making it mobile. Have a look at the previous posting before reading on here. Well Allison M has finished his conversion and painted it up and it looks awesome!  Here is the text and images from his blog post and a link to it.  Enjoy!

Well, it's done!  This is definitely the biggest project I've done in ages, and although it proceeded painfully slowly at times I have to say I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I went with a white/colour accent scheme because I rather liked the white/red studio paint job on the Ion Age website, and frankly, because it's not too hard to paint a lot of white this way.  Also, I think camouflaging something like a four-storey-tall walking gun tower would be kind of pointless, especially if you want to use it as a "terror weapon".

(Now that I look at it all finished up it does have more than a passing resemblance to a giant walking Dalek... but that's not really a bad thing.)

The two pictures above show 15mm miniatures for scale against this monster and the Duxis Drone from our range giving morale support including pointing out that it has some sticky Human's stuck to its foot!

Here is the LINK to the original blog post.

Well done Allison M.  You did it as you said you would.

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    1. Ain't it just. A great bit of scratch building and a nice idea too. We will not be making this an official option though, sorry!